That Moment

That Moment

This is the true story of my own prom, and probably many others, as well. I've changed some of the names, however, for privacy reasons.

Chapter 1

A Vision

Little girls are known to imagine their futures. They often plan out their weddings at an early age, absentmindedly skipping over the grooms in their minds. They, instead, plan out the things that they have complete control over. They choose the colors of the flowers that they will carry in their delicate bouquets. They choose the fabric of their dress, whether it be silken taffeta, a gracefully flowing chiffon, or something completely different. They imagine their wedding to be a glorious day, full of a sense of utter bliss. They imagine walking down the aisle, flanked by their tearful, yet delighted father. They imagine ear-to-ear smiles by their plethora of relatives, all wondering how the innocent little baby that they were first introduced to grew up to be such a beautiful and confident young woman.

Years before this awaited moment comes a similar one. Like a wedding, it is also filled with the rushed frenzy of picking a beautiful dress, the one of the girl's dreams. It is about finding that special someone who wants, more than anything else, to share that moment with you. It is about compiling a list of all the friends that have been accumulated over the years, and seeing, by their reactions to a request to come to this momentous event, who truly wants to remain close. Before little girls even come close to getting married, they face a completely foreign coming-of-age ordeal, also known as prom.

It is not uncommon to see tears shed before, during, and after prom. Actually, it wouldn't be prom without them. After all, this occasion is marked by a high tide of emotions. Those in relationships realize that their days together will soon be over, ended by the inevitable completion of high school. Those who were considered to be popular in high school want one last night to relive their glory days, before they have to give them up in place of an uncertain future. And those who did not experience the best that high school has to offer, realize that this is their last chance to change this unfortunate fact, and make one memory that they'll look at fondly sometime down the road. These people, most of all, want to prove that they actually matter.

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