Story Character Contest

Chapter 1

So, I've been thinking. Most book-readers often have a certain favorite character, but I wonder, out of most of the favored characters, who would come out on top?

I'm thinking of doing a little contest, where out of, say, 15 characters, I pick two randomly and put them together. Then, the people of Quibblo can vote as to which one of the two they like better. The one with more votes stays on and the other is kicked out of the main 15. This basically goes on until there is one favorite character left.

So, in a way, it's like the Quibblo Tournaments I started up a while back, only this time, there's no writing, just voting for your favorite character!

I'd like to point something out first. I'm starting this little story character contest because it will be fun for both you guys and for me. I don't want people to start ranting on in the comments about "Oh, why'd you pick this character? He's stupid" or "This guy's so lame, I hate him!" and stuff like that. It's happened to me before, so fair warning. Vote, have fun, root for your favorite, but try not to post negative stuff, alright? I hope this can be a fun contest, not one that will backfire in my face and hurt peoples' feelings.

Ok! Let's get started!

Every three days (unless I'm busy [I have a life you know]) I'll put up a quiz and post the link in a new chapter. The quiz will basically be a poll with two options, being the two characters. All you gotta do is vote for your favorite. It's that simple!

First of, to start, I'm going to put up a poll with 30 characters. I want you guys to visit the survey and pick your favorite 15 out of the 30 characters. After three days, I'll check the results and then, we'll start the contest with the chosen 15 that has the highest amount of votes!

The Quiz:

P.S I made sure the main characters were not part of the 30, because, then there'd been no competition, literally, because everyone would vote for the main characters. It's like comparing a piece of paper to a book.

Meanwhile, I hope you guys will have fun! Stick with me on this and it'll turn out great!

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