How i feel right now...just had to get it out

Chapter 1

</3 I miss him

by: mls13
Well i was dating this guy....and his ex is pregnant but it might not be his...well last night he texted me and said him and his parents were arguing when i asked about what he said they want him to be back with her...i asked him if that is what he wanted to do he said he didn't know...well anyways we ended up breaking up...and all i could do was cry i literally cried until 4 in the morning then i woke up at seven and my eyes were swollen....i haven't even left my mom bought me a soda hoping i would feel better but i haven't even touched it....god i miss him so much ...he made me happy and i actually loved him actually i still do.... All my friends have been texting me asking if i am ok....but that only makes it worst....
I miss his smile
I miss his dimples
I miss his laugh
I miss him texting me on his work break
i miss getting in trouble for kissing in public
I miss is corny compliments
I miss holding his hand
I miss him laying his head on my sholder
I miss him staring at me cuz he knew it bugged me
I miss everything about him
but mostly i miss how happy i was around him
I don't think i have ever cried this much....i really just hope God gives me a second chance with him staring :'( tomorrow i have school with him i hope we will still least talk as friends and i hope i can be around him without crying all over again

God please help me </3


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