Daylight (Klaine Oneshot)

I was just in a Klaine sort of mood, and decided to write this.
It's sort of depressing actually, and there's almost no dialogue at all. It's based on the song Daylight by Maroon 5, and I'm actually really happy with the way it turned out. Hope you like it.

Chapter 1


Here I am waiting
I'll have to leave soon
Why am I holding on?
We knew this day would come
We knew it all along
How did it come so fast?

Blaine lay in bed, with Kurt snuggled into the sheets beside him. The moon was up, and not a sound was heard from outside. The moon and stars provided the only light in the room, but Blaine was content with the near darkness. He found it comforting, because the light meant that he would have to leave. Sneak out of the house before the other could awake. And it broke his heart.
Flashes of last night crossed his mind. The tangled sheets, kisses, warm embraces through the night. It had all started in a moment of ecstasy and lust. Blaine knew it might have meant nothing to Kurt except a meaningless hook up, but to him it was so much more. To him, it was a moment of pure adoration, with the person he loved most in the world. He didn’t care if the feeling wasn’t mutual. At least, last night he didn’t. Now his heart ached for the love they once shared together. The one that they had lost, though Blaine still felt.
But he knew that things would never be the same. After the incident, they became two entirely different people. Blaine hoped that they could love each other again, but he really didn’t know anymore. The only thing that was certain was that moment; what was happening in the present that was guaranteed. It could end at any time, and he wasn’t going to waste it.

This is our last night but it's late
And I'm trying not to sleep
Because I know, when I wake, I will have to slip away

He could feel his eyes getting heavy, but he refused to give into his body’s desire for rest. He wasn’t going to neglect the time that he had with Kurt; the time he might never get again.
So he tightened his grip around Kurt’s waist, hugging him closer to his body. Kurt’s back was to Blaine, and Blaine could see his chest rising and falling as he slept. He fought the urge to wake him and kiss him in an attempt to show him how much he loved him. Instead, he nuzzled his head into the older man’s neck. Kurt stirred, but didn’t wake. Blaine heard a sigh in which he hoped was contentment. He breathed in Kurt’s scent, wanting to try to make the moment last as long as he could. But everything in life comes to an end.

And when the daylight comes I'll have to go
But tonight I'm gonna hold you so close
Cause in the daylight we'll be on our own
But tonight I need to hold you so close

Fear shook through him as he thought of what the day would hold. The would both pretend nothing had ever happened, no matter how much it pained him, and things would go on as usual. Blaine would fly back to Lima, Kurt would go back to NYADA, and they wouldn’t speak of the event again. He knew it was the last time anything like this would happen. They would both have to get on with their lives. Kurt would get more distant, and he would eventually have to follow his own path; whether it leads away from the one he loved or not.
His arms instinctively tightened around Kurt. Blaine had to stop himself from hugging the other man with all his might. If Kurt woke up, the bliss would end, and he would get even less time than he first thought. So he let his arms go a bit slack, much to his mind and body’s protest.

Here I am staring at your perfection
In my arms, so beautiful
The sky is getting bright, the stars are burning out
Somebody slow it down.

Trying to distract himself from the aching fear of being alone, Blaine let his eyes wander up and down his love. The lean body and face, the perfect complexion. All of it was so beautiful. Yeah, he had seen many guys who were attractive, but Kurt was stunning. Even when he was sleeping, he took Blaine’s breath away.
Soon, though, the fear returned as a tiny ray of sunlight shone in through the window. Blaine almost whimpered at it. The sun meant that he would have to leave, and force himself away. He looked at the clock, begging it to stop and give him just a little longer. But it was no use.

This is way too hard, cause I know
When the sun comes up, I will leave
This is my last glance that will soon be memory.

If Blaine could live that moment over and over again for the rest of his life, he would be content. The only thing he felt was worse than leaving was the memories. Without them, he could convince himself that it never truly happened, and it was all just his imagination. The memories caused grief and provided him with the knowledge that everything happened. And that he had been so close to everything he wanted, and then had to walk away. Blaine knew he would rather forget about the previous night, then be burdened with remembering.
Tears welled in his eyes. There was nothing he could do but stare helplessly out the window at the soon approaching sun. It was rising far too fast for his liking.
He turned his gaze back to Kurt and tried to focus on him. He tried to memorize every feature, every little imperfection that made him love Kurt even more. Blaine was becoming almost frantic. If he didn’t need to be silent, he would have let out a sob.

And when the daylight comes I'll have to go
But tonight I'm gonna hold you so close
Cause in the daylight we'll be on our own
But tonight I need to hold you so close.

Everything he had done to win back a small portion of Kurt’s trust, everything and anything he had done to try to prove himself would mean nothing in a few minutes. It would be like hitting a reset button, having to start all over. And he wouldn’t even get a chance to try again. In a matter of minutes, it would be over.
A conversation he had with Kurt last year popped into his mind. They were sitting in the dark in his room, after they had first made love. The two were snuggled against each other and were talking. It was then when Blaine revealed that when he was younger, he was afraid of the dark. How his brother would always tease him about it. Kurt had laughed and promised Blaine he was safe, and that the dark couldn’t hurt him. That he would protect him from it.
It was something that had brought them closer to one another.
Now, instead of fearing the darkness, he welcomed it, begged for it even. He was thankful for the bliss the darkness allowed him. He prayed for the bliss to be prolonged.

I never want it to stop
Because I don't wanna start all over
Start all over
I was afraid of the dark
But now it's all that I want
All that I want, all that I want.

The light was peering through the window, and sorrow filled Blaine as he realised he needed to leave. He hugged Kurt once more before pulling away and forcing himself out of the bed. Kurt didn’t stir.
Blaine sighed as tears cascaded down his cheeks. A sob still hung in his throat, but he refused to let it free. He wiped at the tears furiously, hating himself for being so weak. For letting all of this happen. It was his entire fault.
He silently pulled on his clothes, his gaze not wavering from Kurt. The light on his face seemed to make him glow, and it was the only comfort that the sun gave him amidst the fear and dread. Taking a deep sigh he walked over to the man he loved and placed a kiss on his forehead. He brushed the hair from his face, and forced himself to the door before he could try and convince himself to stay longer.

And when the daylight comes I'll have to go
But tonight I'm gonna hold you so close
Cause in the daylight we'll be on our own
But tonight I need to hold you so close.

As he reached for the door handle, Blaine looked back one more time at his once lover. One last tear with a quite whisper, and he was gone.
“Goodbye, Kurt.”

(A/N: I don’t own any rights to the song. It belongs to Maroon 5 and whoever else helped make it. I don’t own the characters, or pretty much anything else except the plot.
Hope you enjoyed this one shot. I’ve had the idea in my head for a while, and it’s 2 am, so what else am I gonna do? I would love some feedback on what you think.
Until next time.
Peace out.
-Caitlin, xoxo)


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