Into Freezing Water (Original Story)

Into Freezing Water (Original Story)

It's the year 3000. The problems in the Untied States have driven adults crazy enough to put the blame on their children. At Full-of-Sin Boarding Academy, a boarding school created back in 2500 where all children are sent, children 10-18 suffer. They are labeled with one of the seven deadly sins: Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, or Pride. Students are punished for grades 0-90. When Matthew Kanter enters the school, he finds it hard to survive while falling for Amelia.

Chapter 1

Far From Home

12. That was my age when my idiot parents decided to come to the United States, the Land of the Depressed, and Home of the Suffering, as they now call it. Sometime before 2500, it was The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

Poverty dominated Americans. The word "rich" had nearly become obsolete; almost no one was rich. Rich used to be owning a mansion, five or more cars, a private jet, or anything of the sort. Rich was now having your own house (A house is encountered once in a lifetime, since 90% of the population lives in apartments), having a car, and even simply (Well, it's a bit hard to say "simply") being happy.

Every married couple with kids was thought of as insane... because they were. It was insane to allow a human being to suffer at Full-of-Sin Boarding Academy. You had no choice; sometime between the ages of 10 and 18, you had to send your child there. If you sent them as soon as they turned 10, you didn't have to pay the government. The longer you wait, the more you pay. Sending your child at 11-years-old costs about $200, 12-year-olds $400, 13-year-olds $600, 14-year-olds $800, and so on. If you moved into the country with a child older then 10, it was free to send them in right away. A year older started at $200, and went up in price from there.

I'm 15 now, and my parents will go broke if they wait another year. I have to go. They don't have a choice. I'm scared out of my mind. The government just couldn't blame themselves. That's why this stupid school was made. It was always the fault of someone else... but whoever was blamed became a threat to the government; A war was erupted from the blame put on South America (no one really knows why, as Americans cannot speak of it or talk about the war in general), and the U.S. government decided that foreign countries would no longer be blamed... the children of the United States itself would be blamed.

My parents come into my room with pale, gloomy faces; my mom's deep brown eyes are looking straight at me, tainted with tears, while my dad's grey ones are looking everywhere but at me. I can tell my green ones are filled with fear.

My mom finally spoke up. "Matthew...You...know you have to...go now...."

I nodded and got up from the unclean floor I was sitting on, and grabbed my backpack. I had already taken a cold shower (We don't have warm water) and gotten dressed in a plain black shirt, jeans, and my worn-out sneakers.

I followed my mother and father to the bus station. Surrounding us were a number of other soon-to-be students my age, older, and younger. As the bus stopped in front of me, a chill ran through my spine. I got on the bus, jealous of everyone who didn't. Everyone who wasn't going to that horrible school. I was now jealous of anyone at all who wouldn't suffer there.


The bus stopped at a large, black, stone building, which was surrounded by slightly smaller gray ones. It was connected to a bridge similar to the ones you'd see at a dock; the water around it included. Many walking planks on the bridge were missing. The planks that still held the bridge together were either severely chipped, torn in half, dented, or loosely hanging. The stone of the larger building was also chipped and dented. Moss and Ivy crept up the cracked walls. The lopsided, wooden sign on the building reading Full-of-Sin Boarding Academy was poorly attached; the nails that once held up the right side had fallen out, and the remaining nails were on the verge of falling out as well. Clearly, no one had ever bothered to repair the old structure.

I got out of the bus and carefully walked across the bridge, hoping the whole thing wouldn't collapse with the added weight of the other students. I heard a snap from under my foot, and quickly moved it from the now empty space. I could hear a child about 10 years old cry from behind me. I looked around to see that she had fallen into the water. Luckily, someone older helped her out.

I opened the beat-up door, and noticed a teacher glaring at me from behind his desk.


"Matthew Kanter."

The teacher checked off my name on a notebook. "Down the hallway, first door on the right," he grumbled.

I nodded and walked through the cobweb-infested hallway. I entered the room the teacher directed me to, only to meet yet another teacher.

"Your Name?"

"Matthew Kanter."



"Please have a seat," said the teacher, and she pointed to a chair in front of her desk.

I sat down, looking at her.

"My name is Ms. Aiken. I will ask you questions, and you will answer with complete honesty." She looked at me threateningly as she spoke the last words of her sentence.

I nodded, and I meant it. I didn't dare try to make up anything and get myself punished before actual class started.

"Have you ever dated anyone?"


"Have you ever felt strongly attracted to a girl due to her appearance?"

"Not that I can remember."

Ms. Aiken looked at me for a moment, giving me a threatening stare again. I didn't flinch, and she looked at me normally again. She crossed out something written in the notepad she was holding, and looked back up at me.

"In the past few months, have you ever became overweight?"

I shook my head. "No."

"Do you often have an intense craving for food?"


Ms. Aiken asked many questions I had answered "No" to. The first few questions seemed to have dealt with lust and gluttony. After that came questions about greed, laziness, wrath, and pride. I answered "No," to nearly all of them.


"Do you get jealous of others on a regular basis?"

I did.


"Yes? Well, it's about time you said 'yes' to something... anyway, why is that?"

"I...I don't... I don't know. Some people's lives are just better than mine."

"What do they have do you get jealous of?"

"A house. A car. Decent clothing. Not having to....go here."

She looked at me sternly when I said the last part.

"Well then, I believe that we both know you're guilty of Envy."

"Yeah..." I looked to the ground.

"You may now report to room 005."

"Excuse me, but... where is that?"

"Two doors down from here. Now, if you would please, get a move on, as I have many other students to question!"

I quickly picked up the pace and made my way to room 005. What could possibly be next?

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