No One Understands

No One Understands

I'm Xayla, and I'm 15. What does everybody expect from me? I understand I'm the oldest from my brothers and sisters but they're not my REAL siblings. I've had a rough past, and I've been trying to forget about it but I can't it haunts me to death. Everybody expects me to move on and to become one of those girls that are just normal. I'm sorry I'm not good at faking something I'm not, THIS IS MY LIFE.

Chapter 1

Running Away .

Xayla's POV

"If your just going to treat me like crap then why the hell did you ever adopt me,huh? You think I got it so easy don't you? That'll you just adopt me and everything will be great for me, right? That I should be happy that I finally have a family. Well newsflash this isn't even my REAL family, so I don't understand why you guys expect so damn much from me! Just leave me alone!" I said screaming and blocking my foster parents from coming in the door. "You want to be alone? Okay let's see how you'll like it." yelled my foster dad Robert. They finally left and I locked my door and pushed my house clothing shelves towards the door. "Why does this have to happen to me? WHY!" I yell out with every intention for the whole neighborhood to hear. I couldn't hold it in anymore I had to let out my tears. I started thinking about cutting, but I forgot my foster parents took away everything sharp I had in my room. I got up from the floor and noticed I could easily run away. My window was the closet to ground and it was unlocked. Yes, I'm going to run away. At this point I really don't care what happens to me. After all if something does happen to me it won't bother anyone cause for some people I'm just a mistake. And what I know is that mistakes are supposed to be destroyed....

"And how could I leave this life to another one?" Kellin Quinn's beautiful voice popped out in my head.
I wasn't sure what to do, but right now I wanted to run away. I got my $190 that I had from my savings and left my cellphone and took off thru the window. So long suckers have fun without me , I forgot you won't have fun because without me being there for checkups from the lawyer you guys don't receive money. So ha.

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