Austin, I Still Love You [Louis Tomlinson COUNTRY FANFIC]

Austin, I Still Love You [Louis Tomlinson COUNTRY FANFIC]

So I love horses and anything country and I love Louis Tomlinson. Soooooooooo...hope y'all enjoy!

Chapter 1

Welcome to our Neck of the Woods

by: Dance
Louis POV
"This is ridiculous! I won't go!" I snapped at my father in the kitchen of our large house in the English countryside.
"Louis William Tomlinson, this is not up for discussion! You're going to Texas and that's final!"
"That's BULLSHIT!" I hollered, storming out of the kitchen door and outside to the "grounds."
God, I hate this place. Every trainer and groomer on the grounds turned to look at me when I kicked a hole in the screen door.
The "grounds" mean stables, training facilities, paddocks, offices, and more. It reeked of manure and the horses constantly whinnied and neighed.
Well, what else did you expect at Tomlinson Manor? My father made a living by racing horses. Tomlinson Horses, Tomlinson Turfway, Tomlinson Training, Tomlinson Manor...
"Hey, Tipsy Tomlinson!" A trainer called as he passed me.
So I went out a lot. And partied constantly. And may have been caught by the paparazzi drunk more than a few times. It happens. And that's why it was happening.
I ignored the rude trainer and stomped my way to the offices behind the stables. My face scrunched up at the awful smell of the horses I passed. Mum would rule with me, her only son.
"Mum!" I snapped, entering her office without a knock.
She glared at me as she said goodbye to whoever she was talking to on the phone.
"Mum, Dad is being ridiculous!"I told her.
"Louis, I know you might be upset, but this is the best way we know how to handle your behavior lately," my mother told me sternly.
"You agree with him?!"
"Of course," she merely shrugged. "Louis, please, we just want what's best for you."
"I hate this place! God, maybe Texas will be better than this hellhole!" I snapped as I turned on my heel to walk out.
I stopped short when I saw the picture by the office door.
I remembered it well. I was eight, and I was on a horse's back. Orion was his name. I was smiling and I looked happier than I ever remember being.
I knocked the picture off the wall and stormed out.

Addison's POV
"Daddy, I don't want that spoiler brat here!" I whined as waited on the front porch for our "guest." Guest meaning the son of one of our customers. Apparently, his dad and mine are friends and decided this boy could come work for us. We had a horse breeding farm, and I loved it. I spent ever minute at the stables.
"Addison Lynn Green, you will behave yourself," my mother said sternly.
"Come on, sport. This boy could be nice,"my dad reasoned.
Just then, my older brother's faded red pickup truck came up our long driveway.
Poor Adam had to go pick the boy up. I stood up, fixing my hair slightly as I waited to see this boy.
It didn't take long for a boy with purposely messy hair, sunglasses, a white t-shirt and shorts stepped out of the car. I looked at his feet and saw TOMS. I snickered quietly as I thought of what his shoes would look like by the end of the week.
"Hi, you must be Louis," my mom said as she approached the boy.
Louis put on a fake smile and nodded
"Yes, ma'am. You must be Mrs. Green," Louis said, his words strained and overly rehearsed.
"I'm Mr. Green. I'm sure you've met Adam and this is our daughter, Addison," my father said, looking the boy over.
"Addison, show Louis the cottage," my mother said as Adam grabbed Louis' suitcase from the bed of his truck.
I glared at my mother before starting off towards the cottage in the back. I could tell Louis was following by the noise coming from his suitcase wheels trying to go over gravel.
"Is it too much work to pick it up?" I snapped, finally annoyed after a few minutes.
"Oooh, snappy, are we? Addison, right?"
It was like I could feel him smirking at the back of my head as we walked.
"Yes, Addison. And who are you, Arrogant Asshole the Third?" I questioned.
He snickered quietly.
"Louis Tomlinson, actually. And I wanna be here even less than you seem to want me here."
"Unlikely. We used to get nice, cute, hardworking farmhands. Now we have a rich boy whose daddy wants him to play 'big boy.'"
"How do you know I'm not nice and cute and hardworking? You've known me for all of five minutes!"
I turned around to face him, glaring.
"I don't want you screwing up my life, my family, or my farm. Don't expect me to play the welcoming girl who becomes your new bestfriend or something."
I heard a truck racing up the drive and a familiar honk and knew who it was.
I reached in my pocket and handed Louis a key, pointing to the cottage as I ran to the truck.

Soooo....just an intro! Please tell me if I should continue!

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