Stupid Conversations

Hello! I got bored so I decided to make this..... Hope you enjoy this XD They're just basically stupid conversations I've been in or witnessed.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Auden: You have girly handwriting.
Joey: That's not my girly handwriting! This is!
Auden: Oh okay then....
Joey: writes his name in cursive and puts a heart on the side
Auden: Wow, Joey, just wow.

Auden: slaps my butt
Me: What the heck!!! Really??
Auden: What? It's slap a*s Friday.
Me: death glare

Auden: hits me where you shouldn't be hit
Me: curled up in a ball
Sophia: Hahahahaha! You look violated Natalie!
Me: I AM violated!

Joey: talking to someone Why aren't you happy? Look, he's a happy camper, she's a happy camper points at them Natalie's always a happy camper, I'm a happy camper!
Me: reading What the....?

Mama D: Okay, quit crouching on the tables like that! Next year you can perch like owls in Mr. Russel's class, not here!
Me and Auden: get off and crouch on the seats, flapping our arms Hoo! Hoo! like owls

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