You Are (A Poem)

The period in when your certain crush, is the only thing you think about, when times seem like a magical, perfect time. Hearts are beating, soul is soaring, mind is in love, everything seems to be perfect. And the one who is making you feel that way, there's no doubt in your mind that he/she is perfect as well.

You Are

Chapter 1

You Are

The way my heart beats for you
is like a drum that's always true
and with no doubt in my mind
my love for you leaves me blind.

Everything you do
and everything you say
leaves me stuck to you like glue
while the world continues to wash away.

Rapid heart beats and quick movements
you're perfect in every way
and don't need any improvements
all you need to do is just stay the same.

Like a drum, I can never stop
and my heart seems to easily drop
by just the simple way you say my name,
you are the person to ignite this flame.

You are.


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