In It Together

By Berserkergirl and dreamergirl.

They never really noticed each other, never talked, never even worked together. But when the world goes to Hell, they're lives will depend on each other.

Chapter 1

Bethany's Day


Bethany let out a small whimper and rolled over to look at her alarm clock. She let it go off a little longer before smalling her fist down on it. She laid back in bed and stared at the poster on the ceiling, it was an abstract picture she made in class. Before long she heard her mom shout for her to get up, she groaned but got up.

Bethany turned her lamp on and stretched. "Good morning world." she muttered tiredly. She never was morning person, she'd be cheerier once she ate something. She walked into her bathroom and splashed water into her face, brushed her teeth and hair, and walked back into her room to her closet. She searched through her closet, pulling out a pair of dull orange cargo shorts, black wife beater, and a dark purple and blue windbreaker. She laid it on her desk and made her bed up. She sighed and changed into her clothes.

Bethany sat in front of her vanity, something her mother had insisted she get. She pulled her brush through her hair once more then pulling into a ponytail. She grabbed a purple bandana from her top right drawer and wrapped it around the base of her ponytail. She blew some stray hair from her bang out of her eyes before grabbing a pair of knee high socks and pulling them on with her hiking boots. She grabbed her cuff bracelets and her backpack. Bethany did a quick check in the mirror to see if anything was out of place, then headed downstairs to get some breakfast.

"Morning mom, dad, Scooter." Bethany greeted her parents and brother.

"Morning Sweetie." her mother said from the stove.

"Morning Bug." her father said from behind his newspaper.

Scooter simply waved since his mouth was full of bacon.

Bethany took a seat and grabbed a piece of toast and slathered it with peanut butter. She took a bite as her mother put some bacon and grits on her plate. She finished her toast and ate a few bites of grits, and eating her bacon. She slipped her backpack on and started to walk out.

"Where do you think your going?" she flinched at her father's voice.

"To school, daddy." she said, casually.

"Not until you've shown me you have all your emergency items." he said and stood up, placing his folded newspaper on the table. She walked over to his daughter.

"Keychain?" he asked. Bethany rolled her eyes and pulled her keychain off her bag and held it up.

"Mini bullhorn?"

Bethany held up the small can.


She held up the small light.


She held up the purple can.

"Where's your rape whistle?" he asked, Bethany groaned.

"Daddy! Why would I even need that?" she asked, he simply crossed his arms and gave her the 'You-need-it-because-I-said-so' look. She flushed and muttered, "I lost it." she said. Her father walked over to the counter and pulled a whistle from the drawer and gave it to her. Bethany mumbled something about it being stupid but pulled it over her head.

Her father smiled, "Okay, have a good day Bug-A-Doodle." he said and kissed her forehead. "Dad! Would you stop calling me that?" she begged, hating her childhood nickname. He smiled at her, clearly say 'Nope' Her mother walked over and kissed both of her cheeks, "Have a great day at school, Bethany." she said. Bethany smiled at her. Her brother came up and gave her a hug, "See ya later, sis." he said. She rolled her eyes and walked towards the door, waving at them.

A Short Walk Later

Bethany found herself at her school, she walked up the stairs but stopped when she saw her art teacher staggering slightly towards the building. She walked over, Mrs. Jones doesn't look right. she thought. Mrs.Jones skin was deathly pale, she seemed to be walking on broken bones. "Mrs.Jones, are you alright?" Bethany asked. "Oh! Bethany, I'm fine. Just caught a head cold." she said, waving off Bethany's worry. Bethany blinked but let it slide, knowing how stubborn this teacher was. She walked to her first period class, which was science.

Bethany accidently bumped into a girl as she walked to her table, "My fault," she said. "All good." the girl responded.

Bethany sat at her table, which was at the back and stared at the girl. What's her name? she thought to herself, puzzled why she didn't know that girl's name. Oh. that's Gabrielle. she thought and waited for class to start.

There was something off about it, every few moments Bethany's attention was drawn back to Gabrielle. Something was telling her to keep an eye on her.

Each class she kept catching herself staring at Gabrielle. She would mentally scold herself and say it was nothing but paranoia she always got after seeing scary movies, since she stayed up watching old zombie movies last night.

She managed to keep herself in line all day, but didn't talk to Gabrielle. It was last period now, only an hour left before she could leave and spend the rest of the day playing her new game 'Dead Island'

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