Zodiac and Blood type Superpowers

Just a list of what kind of powers I'd like to give to each zodiac and bloodtype sometimes with a brief explanation for each.

Chapter 1

The Powers


Aries - Lightning, thundercloud wool, tons of energy converted into electricity, electrically enhanced power and speed, sleeping to recharge "battery"

Taurus - Steel body, Heavymetal strength, durability, break through defenses

Gemini - Duplication, shapeshifting, mimicking/copying opponent's abilities, absorbing data, predicting and analyzing enemy movements

Cancer - Freezing, crystallizing, ice prison, able to pick up and toss around frozen enemies, ice armor/shell (I based this on the idea of crabs constraining, catching, and holding something. Ice powers can easily satisfy all that.)

Leo - Wide ranged fire attacks such as fire breathing, pyrokinetic aura, explosions, volcanic eruptions

Virgo - Earth based powers such as tunneling, burying, and softening hard surfaces, alter the terrain to user's advantage, strike from below, earthquakes can stun enemies (Ok, I'll admit I got this one from Fairy Tail.)

Libra - Wind powers, flight (Wind manipulation often requires balance to keep the air circulating the way it should. If its out of balance, the wind can blow fiercely in one or many directions amok. Thematically, wind provides senses of peace, harmony, and freedom typical of a Libra. Flying may sometimes resemble wings that need to be well balanced, like scales, for proper aviation)

Scorpio - Poison, assassination skills, use of lethal weapons and traps, sensor

Sagittarius - Archery, Swordsmanship, Horsemanship, martial arts, war expert

Capricorn - Summon mountains, build structures and civilizations from various substances, command everything below from a mountain peak, space and time (for warping in additional resources to construct with)

Aquarius - Uses heavenly healing water to bring anything to life, this healing water can take the form of rain as well

Pisces - Water based powers, water breathing, expert swimmer, communication with aquatic animals, control ocean storms

Blood types:

A - Shadow manipulation, invisibility, silence (cautious traits)

B - Wood based powers, connection to nature, communication to animals (wild traits)

O - Normal/unspecified types, potential for any kind of power (open traits)

AB - Sand powers (because they're rare, versatile, and unpredictable, which are typical AB traits. The dual nature that exists in sand is that its strong in both the ground and the air.)


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