Will He Fall For Me?

This is a story of a average unpopular thirteen year old girl who has a crush on one of the hottest guys at school! But, what hope does she have for someone like him to fall for her? Read to find out!!!!!!!

Chapter 1

Courageous Brave and Bold

I'm sitting in class, he is across from me. I can't help but stare at him, even though I'm supposed to be paying attention to class. It seems as if he never looks at me, like he doesn't even know I exist. It's very depressing.

I never talk to him, and I don't think I ever will. I'm just to shy too. He is the biggest crush of my life, and I really don't want him to think I'm just some dumb girl.

"Trixie, Trixie", my bff leans in and whispers to me. "What Lizzie?" I ask. "At lunch, you should go sit by him, and talk to him." "No way!", I say. "There is no way I'm going to talk to Steve let alone sit by him!!!!!"

"But you really should, before someone else steels him away." "Believe me, I know my stuff Trixie." "I've had my heart broken one to many times", Said Lizzie.

"Trixie, Lizzie!!!!!", said Mr. Beels. "If you don't quit this chit chat, you will both have to take a trip to the principles office" "Yes Mr. Beels", we say. Everyone knows that Mr. Beels is the worst teacher in all junior high!!!!!!!

As class goes on I continue to stare at Steve. His brown hair, is beautiful blue eyes, his adorable face........

I am in the cafeteria now, I just got my food. Lizzie won't stop bugging me about sitting next to Steve. "Do it Lizzie, do it now!!!!!!!!" She says. As I move closer and closer to the table Steve is at, I begin to get nervous. With every step I take I get more nervous. The thought of messing up haunts my mind.

I reach Steve's table. "Ugh, what are you doing?" Asks Steve's best friend in the whole world. "Ugh, I, ugh, my words start to trail off.........."Um, are you coming to sit here?" Asks Steve. I shake my head yes, then I sit down. "You're name is Trixie, right? Asks Steve. "Ugh, yeah" I say.

All through lunch I don't say a word, I just listen to Steve talking to his buddy's. After school is over I get home and write in my diary.

Dear Diary, today I did something courageous, brave, and bold. I sat by Steve and actually said something to him at lunch today!!! It was scary, Steve is my whole world, my everything. I live and breathe his name, he is all I think about every second of every minute. Every minute of every hour, every hour of every day!

I just don't want to mess up, I don't want him to think I'm just some annoying dumb girl who can't count past ten. I want him to like me back, to love me, to care deeply for me. I just want him to turn into my dream guy, but like that will ever happen. I am just your average thirteen year old girl. I am not popular, I am not even a cheerleader. What chance do I have with some hottie like Steve?

Well, there is always hope I suppose, hope that he will fall for me, and your never supposed to give up hope, right?


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