For The Love Of A Sister

For The Love Of A Sister

What if everything you held dear was destroyed, would you keep the will to live and preserve or would you give up and fall into a world of gray, where you don't know who you are anymore? Most of us would like to think we would preserve but we don't know, can't know, until the unthinkable happens...

When the ones you hold dear are hurt, seemingly beyond repair, a part of yourself dies. You have to remain strong for them, but you're breaking down slowly. What can you do now?

Chapter 2

Chapter 1: Please Don't Leave Me

I see Piper get hit by a black SUV, I hear her blood-curdling cry of agony, I see her fall on the pavement, headfirst. The SUV doesn't even stop, and somehow in the commotion I remember 3ER-61V.

He doesn't even stop to say sorry. He hits a sixteen year old girl, and feels no remorse. He runs, a coward.

Next thing I know, I flung myself onto Piper, sheltering her body with my own. I cry tears and wish that we could have stayed in the building, or just gotten in the car and left, but she needed her clothes. She paid for it.

I start sprinting towards the building. My parents are yelling at me, I don't care. People look at me strangely I'm sure as I tear through the building like a madwoman. But Piper had this monstrosity happen to her because she needed to get her clothes, she would get them.

Once I have her bag, the mumbling starts. "3ER-61V. 3ER-61V. 3ER-61V." That's all I can think of, all I can say. I sprint the way across the parking lot and throw myself into my dad's arms. My moms on the phone, and my father grips me tightly swaying me side to side, while I wail and scream those six little characters as if my life depended on knowing them.

"The ambulance is coming," my mom says putting away her cellphone.

3ER-61V, 3ER-61V, 3ER-61V, 3ER-61V, 3ER-61V...

"Call the police already!" I scream. "Piper needs not only medical care but justice. That was a hit and run! And she is tall. You can't miss some one who is five foot eleven and a half inches!"

My dad grips me tighter. "Honey, Sophie, we need a license plate number and the car was going to fast for-"

"3ER-61V!" I shout. "That was the number! Now call the police! When is the ambulance coming?!" And with that, my heart fully broke. I slide down to the ground and hugged my knees to my chest, rocking back and forth, sobbing more tears and giving off more salt water than the Atlantic holds.

My parents start talking with each other. My brain only processes a few tidbits of it. "So fast, must been confused", "adrenaline, hyper-active senses", "best we got", "can't hurt". I am like a wounded animal and Piper, her body twisted in angles that shouldn't be possible, barely breathing.

Finally they decided to call the police. The police said they would look into it and were coming to the site right now. As for I, I continued to cry and re-flung myself back onto Piper, protecting her the best I could.

She was my best friend, she was a year older than me and everything I wished I was.

Piper was smart, calm, a hard-worker, out-going, well-liked, beautiful, supportive, fun-loving, and a great swimmer. I was in Senior Prep and not improving in the slightest. Piper was only a year older than I and was in Senior Group B, the second highest level. What if this killed her? What would I do?

"Sweetie, you have to get up," I here a female voice say. I don't recognize it. I lift my head up from Piper's chest and look at the woman, still in shock. "Sweetie, you might be hurting her more. We need to get her on a stretcher." I stare back blankly, not understanding.

"She's in shock," a guy says. "Mr. Jones," he calls, "can you remove your daughter off of the patient?"

My father comes over and lifts me up and into his arms. I don't react. I am numb. A piece of me died right then, when Piper fell so did I. We were sisters.

"Sophie sweetie, you will be okay. Your mom is going in the ambulance with Piper. We are going to meet them there, okay?" My father says this as the ambulance guy hands me Piper's hot pink Speedo bag with her clothes.

I nod, silent tears streaming down my face. I get in the backseat, I was unable to get in the front passenger seat, when mom wasn't in it, it was Pipers. I couldn't do that, it would mean she was gone.

I lie across the backseat, still clutching Piper's swim bag; then I close my eyes.

"Sophie, wake up sweetie. We are here." I hear my fathers voice. Maybe it was all just a bad dream, my over-active imagination acting up, I hit my head, any of those.

However when I look at my father's face, I know its all too real.

"Daddy, is Piper going to be okay?" I haven't called him daddy in years, but I wish I was back at that point where I was eight and the only time Piper was in the ER for was a sprain or concussion, not this.

We make our way to the metal detectors, I still haven't let go of Piper's bag. It's all I have of her right now, it's my lifeline. Maybe if somehow I kept the bag safe, Piper would be safe as well.

"Miss, we need to inspect your bag." I shake my head no. I couldn't let them look though Piper's stuff. "Miss please, your bag."

"It isn't mine," I say. "It's Piper's."

The guards look bemused and my father tells them that my sister and his daughter got hit by a car. With that the security guards let us walk though the detectors with the bag. One of them even tells me that he "hopes your sister will be alright". I can only nod.

We make our way into the waiting room. "Sophie, go sit down while I go to the desk." I nod and find a couch. I curl my feet under me and pull out my iPod. I remember, Piper forgot hers at home, so I let her borrow mine. She was like Phelps, she had to listen to music before a race. She said it helped her concentrate.

I open the music app on my iPod. It was halfway paused on "Promises" by Nero. Piper loved that song. She would dance and strike gymnast poses and be like "I flipped", when we both knew the only flips she could do were flip turns.

I finish up listening to "Promises", then put my iPod on shuffle. Happy stuff please, I think. Butterflies and rainbows.

My iPod gives me "Hello" by Evanescence. It's depressing, but it fits the situation perfectly, so I keep it on. The next song isn't any happier in meaning. How can "Artificial Flowers" by Bobby Darin have such an upbeat, happy tempo yet be so sad. I didn't want to be like Anne, and I didn't want Piper to be like Anne's parents. I listen to it all the way through, I am an idiot. Same with the next one, "My Angle" by Kellie Pickler. After that one I learned to skip, and skip, and skip. My iPod hates me, it likes depressing music.

Finally I hit a happy song. I love you Demi Lovato. Okay true, "Lightweight" could be sad if you look at it from a certain angle, but after the last few songs it was like the Wiggles.

My dad comes over before its done. "Sophie, Piper is in the Operating Room, and the damage is bad. I'll wait until the nurse tells all of us what the exact damage is. I don't understand all of it myself."

I nod and the tears start again, only this time they are silent tears. I beg the silent and glorious angles of Heaven, please don't take my sister away, she is too young.

Authors Note: The chapters are going to be off in numbers. According to Quibblo this is chapter 2. According to me its chapter 1, okay?

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