Originally posted on my Fanfiction account. Changed it so it wouldn't be a fanfiction. Kind of short, but I'd like to hear feedback if you please.

Chapter 1


A warm cup of tea, steeped just long enough, steaming in his favorite red mug at his spot at the table. The curtains are drawn; after all, the dying sun would only be in his eyes if they were left open. Her shawl, worn and faded, is tight around weak shoulders, blond tendrils of delicate hair falling over the knitted fabric. Soft eyes colored green glow as orange tints the room lightly through the thin curtains, spilling against her back, which is turned to the window. Her own small, lovely hands wrap around a mug of warm, fragrant chamomile, his favorite, of course. A smile graces her lips; sad and small, a fondness etched into worn features.

"Please," she whispers, a request directed to the empty chair before her, "enjoy your tea." Steam rises from the lonely and untouched mug that no one will ever drink from again. "I know how much you love tea."

Her hair falls across pain-glazed eyes. Shoulders carrying the weight of loss and depression begin to shake under such a burden, silent sobs wracking her frame violently. Her own mug rattles lightly against the table as her equally weak fingers train to hold it steady. The sound might as well be gunshots in such empty silence.

"Happy birthday," she murmurs, though it's now unclear whether she speaks to herself or to the person she wishes to see in the seat facing her. Her smile forces itself onto her dry lips, cracking under the strain.

"I'll be visiting your grave later."


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