Shout Outs!!! (More Added)

Chapter 1
He has been my best Quibblo friend for over a year! When I very first got on, he was one of the first people I ever talked to! For as long as I can remember he's always been at the very top of my friends list, and I on his. He is sweet, loving, caring, and loves Batman, haha! I just love him so much!
Well, what can I say about Isaiah? He's so wonderful, he can help me through anything! When I'm crying or sad, just a message from Isaiah will make me feel happy. He's so kind and sweet and wonderful, and I literally could not live without him. He makes me feel loved and cared about, and he's a truly wonderful person.
Delilah is my best friend in the world! We know each other in person, and let me tell you, Delilah is the most sweet, kind, wonderful, beautiful girl in the world, and I'm lucky to have her as my BFF!!! We tell each other all our secrets, and we can talk on the phone hours about anything and everything! Delilah is a girl you defiantly want to know, she's fun, sweet, and loves animals too. So don't hesitate to send her a friend request.
Taylor is a wonderful person who I can't live without! She hasn't been on since the 18th, and I've been freaking out! But anyways, she is beautiful, and means the world to me. A message from Taylor brightens my day, and she makes me feel good about myself. I love Taylor, and I want to be her sister.
This beautiful lovely awesome girl is Jayden. She is sweet, and kind, and loving. Jayden is also my twinzie! We have a lot in common, like we're both Swifties! Jayden makes me smile and laugh, she makes me feel happy. She also sometimes makes me feel a bit sad, because she seems down on herself, but she shouldn't be, because she is wonderful in every way, and I don't want her to change at all. I LOVE MY TWINZIE!!!
Now he is awesome! I really want to get to know him a bit better though. But anyways, he is kind and caring and he means the world to me! His messages make me smile, and feel happy. He tells me things that make me feel good, and in a way that makes me feel even better. But really guys, he is awesome, and one of my BFFs.
If I would have to describe Chandler in one word, it would be sweet. He's so nice, and caring, and I love him. When I'm feeling sad, and I get a message from him, even if it's just a little smiley face, it makes me happy. Chandler is also awesome, and he has to get it through his head that he is 1,000 times awesomer than me! Haha, but really, he's so sweet, and he's a really good friend, and he's the best hugger I know.
Eric is a very very sweet and wonderful person. When I saw his about me for the first time, I just knew he was a wonderful person. He makes me feel happy in a way I never thought possible. He cared about me when no one else seemed to, and I love him for that. He is wonderful, awesome, sweet, and caring, so you should talk to him.
Hunter is the guy I can tell almost anything to. He makes me feel cared about, and he is just wonderful. But I feel like I should stop bugging him with all of my problems... But anyways, Hunter is one of the only people who I've actually opened up to, and I feel like without him, Quibblo wouldn't be complete. He means so much to so many people, and it's no wonder why. I just want him to know that I really appreciate and love him.
I wish we would talk more, but anyways, Oscar is wonderful! It makes me feel so happy to get a message from him. And his wonderful smile can always brighten up my day. I love just about everything about Oscar, he's just a lovely person on the inside and out.
Okay, so Amber is the most sweet, awesome, wonderful, and beautiful girl you could meet! I love seeing a message from her, it always brightens up my day. She can also relate to me at times, and she's good at making me laugh, even when I am down. I just love Amber so much, she's a great friend.
Cam is the best guy for making me laugh!! I mean really, when I am close to tears, he can always make me smile. I've found myself rolling on the floor with laughter more than once because of something he said, even if it wasn't even that funny, haha. But yeah, he's awesome, and a good friend.
Wil is a really nice guy, and knows his bible, haha! He's really awesome, and I like talking to him, and he sometimes can make me smile. He's a good example for us all.
Okay, so anyone who is in love with Niall Horan has got to be awesome!!!!! But really, she's really nice and one of my bff's on Quibblo! I love her to death, so don't mess with her, or else...
She is the MOST sweet girl in the world!!! She says the kindest things to me, and I really, really appreciate it. She is awesome, and wonderful, and everything good.

I'm sorry to all those of you who didn't get a shout out, but it's only because I don't know you well enough, so if we start messaging, you will be next in line. And I want you all to know, I love every single one of you with all of my heart, and without you guys, I wouldn't be able to make it.


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