I'm sick of being sick!!!!!

Chapter 1


I have had a cold for weeks now, and it's so annoying! I mean, how long is a stupid cold even supposed to last for, because I've had one since at least the beginning of June...

Some days I'll feel pretty fine, but some days I'll feel like totally awful, like today! I can't breathe, my neck is swollen, my back hurts, and I just feel terrible! Also my voice is pretty hoarse as well, and my throat is incredibly soar.

Last night I didn't even sleep hardly at all, and the night before last, I didn't sleep at all, literally! I stayed up the entire night!!!!

Also, food is disgusting when you're sick!!!!!!!!

So, for any of you who are sick today, I feel for you, I know what it's like, and it's not good...

Well, I might as well end this story since it's just giving me an immense headache to look at all these words, so bye for now, and thanks for listening to me rant.



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