Writing Pet Peeves (May offend others)

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Chapter 1


This is just a list of annoying things I see authors do that I'm trying to stop.

1) Writing each word with a capital letter

After Miku And I Went To The Mall, We Went Home To Eat The Delicious Dinner That Luka Made.

I don't understand who people make stories like that. It's hard to continually hit the caps button every single time there's a new word. How did you teach yourself to write like that? Do you even write like that in school? I just hate it when people write like that. Sorry to offend anyone that does write like that but when I see a story like that, you already lost a reader.

2) Writing as if the story is a script.

Miku: Hi Kaito! smiles and waves at him
Kaito: Hey. hugs her
Miku: Do you know where Len is? We have to do a music video soon.
Kaito: I think he went out with Rin but he should be back soon. continues to eat ice cream

First of all, this doesn't explain ANYTHING about their surroundings, emotions, or senses. Doing closes door doesn't explain the way he or she closed the door. They could have slammed the door shut, they could of quietly closed it. So my point is I don't like reading stories like this and if you write like this, please don't be an author, be a scriptwriter.

3) Writing in text speak

Aftr me and Miku fnshed our music vid, we went 2 the grcry store 2 by leeks. We cnt fnd any and Miku got OCC and I ROFLed.

I don't really know how to write in text speak so the example is kind of bad but you get the point, it's annoying. Half of the things said in other's writings that I've read I don't even understand it. I don't really got much to say here so, don't write like this.

5) People who hate others critiquing
Imagine you are critiquing a girl named Meiko
Meiko: I'm open to criticizing!
You: This isn't really the type of story I would read but I like the plot. Maybe you can try to fix grammar and spelling issues and it would be even better. Also try getting help on character development.
Meiko: You are so rude! I put a lot of hard work on to it and you just trash it! Nobody understand my writing style and everyone hates my stories! I don't understand why, they're amazing!

This is exactly what I hate. Nobody's stories are the best in the world. Not even you bestseller authors. Nothing is perfect. Luckily, I don't see a lot of complainers here on Quibblo but I definitely see a lot on Yahoo!Answers. If you have an account, you'd tell.

Plot: A girl named Jessica moves to LA, where all the celebrities live. She meets One Direction and [insert 1D member name here] falls in love with her. She goes to a Justin Beiber concert and meets him. He dumps Selena for Jessica. She than has to choose between [insert 1D member here] or Justin and she doesn't know who to choose.

No. Just no. This goes out to everyone who writes 1D love stories, Justin Bieber love stories, etc. Want to make a good story? Make it realistic. How many people will ever get a celebrity to fall in love with them? Almost one in five thousand is my guess. I just really hate fan-fics that include celebrities falling in love with normal people. You may even call the character a Mary-Sue which is leading into my next topic.

7) Mary-Sues, Gary-Stus, and weaklings

I'm going to show you two different character bios, one of a Mary-Sue and one of a weakling.

Name: Camilla Burns
Age: 15
Looks: blonde hair down to her mid-back, tan, curvy, hazel eyes
Personality: friendly, popular, outgoing, beautiful, artistic, athletic, flirty, smart
Other: was born into rich family, has a football player boyfriend, everyone knows her, etc

Name: Eva Granger
Age: 15
Looks: short black hair with streaks of red, pale, red glasses, greyish eyes
Personality: shy, quiet, emotional, hot-headed, creative
Other: lives alone, has no friends

I hope you can tell the difference. I kind of exaggerated on the weakling one but the point is to NOT make those characters. I always see weaklings a lot and that's what a lot of people do to avoid Mary-Sues/Gary-Stus which is a bad a idea. Don't got much to say of this so let's just end this..

That's all I got for now. Got any other peeves you want me to rant about? Leave them in the comments. Thanks for reading :D

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