My life story (if you don't care, don't read)

Exactly what the title says.

Chapter 1


So I realized I haven't shared my life story with you guys... Here it is.

Since the age of about 9 or 10 I have been bullied, even sometimes by my family. I'm called ugly bbiittch , fat whore, stupid slut, and a lot of others, by friends and even my own family. People used to describe me as the happy positive little girl with a big smile, but that all changed, actually none of it was true. My smile was staged and I tried to have a positive attitude. My 3 grade year... I was rapped by someone I trusted, someone I thought would never hurt me. I was way wrong. He spent the next 5-6 years making my life a living hell. Telling me what to do, basically treating me as his personal slave. When I try to tell my mom, she won't believe me, or she says I'm mistaken. How could someone be mistaken about that? I spent a year and a half inside a psychiatric hospital, because my cutting got so badly out of hand. I was placed into prison, for a bad robbery that I was no part of but simply in the wrong place.. I've been told by many Im beautiful, then they go and slap or choke me. I don't believe in myself or my body, though people tell me I should. The only thing I see when I look in the mirror is a terrified little girl crying. And that's gonna be the picture that stays forever.


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