This is one of my free verse poems, I hope you like it.

Chapter 1

Free Verse 1

by: SynysterG
I'm addicted to some of the bad.
The things that maybe you've never had.

One thing is the pills...
The other, that feeling that kills.

The chemicals in my system,
The blade wanting to take its victim.

This feeling isn't always there,
But it seems to always stare.

Stare into me,
Not setting me free.

These things are bad, I know.
They just want to put on a one kill show.

I can fight it most of the time.
But sometimes it's a catchy rhyme.

The kind you can't get out of your head,
The kind as heavy as lead.

The lead that writes that letter.
The letter that will not get better.

It goes on,
The feeling that there is no dawn.

There's no day after tomorrow,
Only the faces of family filled with sorrow.

These things are my addiction,
Not just the sad story of fiction.


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