Running Away

Running Away

This poem i made in 3/14/013.that was the day when i had a friend who i still truly miss and also lost because of drama.After that i got stressed so i wrote this.

Chapter 1

Running Away

by: melexii
Running away and never looking back,
Don't want to be seen or see into the darkness dream,
Enjoying the darkness like a owl at night closing into a box to dark is night,
Holding it in into a deep black hole,
Running away is hiding your life,
from joy to live in paradise.
Darkness wraps around you like night and day.
Eyes see dark,
And lonely for life of days.
For running away is the darkness to the hared of life.
Hiding in a corner like a scared puppy who saw life for the first time.
Running away from drama and life it's self.
Running away,
Running away,
Running away drives you and me crazy.
Running away is a place of sadness not joy is a place of neither but blank white it's self nothing there at all for this is running away.


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