Five Guns and Five Hearts.....(One Direction AU)

By me and and November

November Character:
Name: Alice
Age: 18

My Character:
Name: Nessabella
Age: 19

Barbie Faces:

Chapter 1

Barbie Faces

Liam's POV

I looked around me and saw the mess, glass was all over the floor along with some papers.

"Yeah, it was our girls," said Louis picking up a piece of paper with five kisses and their Barbie names signed underneath.

Theyare known as Barbie Faces, since they cover their face with a barbie mask when they committ a crime. They are good at one thing only, committing crimes and not leaving a trace behind. We have been tracking this girls down since they started, but they are wise ones, and they know how to play Hide-And-Seek very well. There is five of them, and we know them by their barbie's names; Barbie, Jazzie, Skipper, Stacie, and Francie.

"Like we didn't know that already," Zayn replied to Louis' remark rolling his eyes and searching for any more evidence.

"Another day and another bank," said Niall with a sigh.

"Are we ever going to catch them?" Harry blurted out of nowhere. "This girls a geniuses! I mean, they always lead us in circles! They know their way around the system, and they never leave anything else, other then that piece of paper."

"Ugh!" I replied frustrated knowing he was right.

"Calm down, Captain Payne, Lucas is coming this way," whispered Zayn looking directly at Lucas, who was entering the building.

"Great, just what I need," I replied with much sarcasm. Lucas is the head of our department, and he can be a total a-hole!

"Captain Payne, I need a word with you and your squat," said Lucas as soon as he saw us. Zayn, Niall, Harry, and Louis quickly came and stood besides me.

"I am not please with this at all! You five have been tracking this girls for almost a year now, and we have nothing on them! Are you ever planning on catching them?"

"I asure you sir, that nobody wants to capture those five as much as we do," I replied.

"Well, it doesn't seems like it!" yelled Lucas complete loosing it," I'm even starting to wonder if I should hand this case to another squat!"

"No, sir, you can't do-" I started to object, but he quickly cut me off.

" I can and I will! If I don't have something within six months, believe me I will," he said before storming off, leaving with such rage inside.

I have put in a lot of work into this case for him just to take it away like that. He can't do that! This is my case, and nobody will work on it better than I can!

"Clean up this mess! And when you're done go to my office and bring in the new evidence and every single freaking file we have on this case!" I told my squat before storming off, I really need a cup of coffee to calm down.

Nessabella's POV

"We did good today, girls," said Danielle as she sat down in the couch. Alice and Perrie were counting the money, while I looked for anything unsual on our FBI files.

Danielle laughed as she turned on the TV and saw us once again in the news, well, the barbie version of us. I personally removed every single file having to do with us from every system so they couldn't recognize us at all, they don't even have our DNA. It is as if we never exsisted.

We are all known as Barbie Faces, and we are really good in what we do. Danielle ia the one that put us all together, gathering the best their is. She is known as Barbie, considering she is the head of the group. She is the one that comes up with the plans of all of our operations.

Then we have Eleanor, better known as Jazzie and she is the under-cover of the group. She is the one that dresses up ans goes into a place and figures it out for us. She is very good at she does, and since she has that innocebt face everybody automatically trusts her.

Perrie, better known as Stacie, and she is incharge of keeping us updated with the lastest news and gadgets. She is the one we go to when we need a new gun or a new mask. She is also incharge of supplying us with custims, if we ever need one. Not to mention she knows how to work a gun.

Alice, or Francie as she known to the public, is our spy. She is very good at going unnoticed. She mainly keeps to herself, and it seems like to be related to Perrie in some sort of way, but they don't talk about it and we don't ask, to each their own. She shows no emotion what so ever, so ahe is really good at this job.

Then there is me, Nessabella, but the world knows me as Skipper. I am the hacker of the group, for sort of say. I can go into any system without a problem and I can make documents dissappear or appeae the way I want them too. I can also open any safe or vault. I am also lethal behind a gun.

Out of the group I'm closest to Eleanor, since we balance each other out. She also loves that I always got her back, and I always do the "dirty" work fo her. Eleanor aome times seems out of place in the group, she is to nice to be in something like this. Once I even asked her why she was here, she replied with a simply I had no other choice.

I guess we all have our secrets here, and yet, I think that is the only thing that makes us stronger as a group.

"Okay, so tomorrow we have another job," said Danielle turning off the TV, making my look up from the screen as she started to explain the job," And Skipper..anything new?"

"Not at all, only our paper with the kisses which is really not new," I replied with a slight smirk.

"Excellent, they have no leads and we are safe!" replied Perrie for her, making us smile.

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