Hey There Princess

Okay so this is a really really old poem/songish thing I found. Wrote it when I was like sixteen so don't be mean!!

Chapter 1

Read introduction please!!

Wake up, can you tell me how,
Everything is not turning out,
I'm lost inside, and don't know why,
When you see me you say,
Hey there princess,
What are you doing with yourself,
Wake up princess,
Life isn't the fairy tale dream, your living in,
This is the real world now dear,
Wake up and you'll see,
Hey there princess,
Do you see what I mean,
My walls are crashing under the pain,
All of your words are driving my insane,
The castle has fallen,
In the distance the guards keep on calling me,
And they say:
"Hey there princess,
What are you waiting for,
This life is over now,
Come back to the real world please,
Wake up princess,
The time has come,
To leave this place,
And never return,
And do not return,
To the world that never existed."
I'm waking up looking around,
What I want to see cannot be found,
The world is real,
Its time to feel,
What I've been putting off all theses years,
Hey there princess,
I'm glad to see your back,
I cannot believe it princess,
The world is no longer white and black,
Come on princess,
Time to show what you always hide,
What makes a real princess,
Is everything that's inside,
Hey there princess,
You've been giving back your freedom
In front of me my prince stands,
And he says:
"The day is done,
We've had our fun,
Time for you to go once more,
I can't watch you leave my heart is tore,
Please stay with me"
So I think to myself
Hey there princess,
Is leaving really worth this ache,
Wake up princess,
Do it for your own sake,
Come on princess,
Give up your crown,
Love like this doesn't always come around,
Let me think on this I tell myself,
Hey there princess,
Once you leave there's no return
That's when I said:
"Let me say this really fast,
That world, I'll leave it in the past,
I'll stay here with you my dear,
I promise I won't leave I'll always be near,
So don't call me princess anymore,
And close the door,
To the world that no longer exist."


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