Falling In Love At The Worst Possible Time (A Original Group Story)

A story of romance and tragedy that intertwines the two is brought to you by myself and jackn324. In this story, you'll meet two different people, Charlotte Stevens, a quiet lady in her mid 20s that is still in school and not ready to move on from a broken fiancee and Ross, a mid 20 year old male who seems to have a very serious problem that is about his well being. When the two collide, something magical forms, but is it too late? Will the past effect then? How about their emotions? Find out.

Chapter 1

Meet the Characters

Name: Charlotte Johansen Stevens
Nickname: Charlie or Char
Age: 25 (just turned)
Gender: Female
Appearance: Wavy/Curly dark chocolate brown hair, faded off teal eyes, china white skin, 5'6, average weight
Personality: Shy, Quiet, Humble, Stubborn, Protective, Caring, Anxious, Down-To-Earth, Intelligent, Logical, Loyal, Clumsy
Career: Still In School Getting Her Doctor's Degree for Psychology
Family: Family is full of accountants. Dad is Jonah Stevens-age 50, Mom is Rosalyn Stevens-age 49, has three other brothers (Connor, Duke, Brian who are triplets and of age 30)
Other: Likes spending free time outdoors, recently just broke off an engagement due to her fiancee cheating on her, only one in her family not good at math

Name: Ross Allen Mayford
Age: 25
Gender: male
Appearance: nicely cut light brown hair, dark blue eyes, light freckles, fair skin, six feet, average build
Personality: hardworking, sensible, humourous, athletic, knowledgeable, stubborn, a little stressed
Career: Vice President of his dad's company, Mayford Shipping Co.
Family: father- David Mayford, mother- Melissa Mayford, twin sister Sophia, his family is rich but spends it on things they don't need
Other: none

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