Best Friend Taggg x]

Chapter 1

I stole dis XD

Tag your best friend: Dance, Awena_Evenstar, Alexx_The_Great, RiseFromTheASHes, SomewhereInNeverland, As03, missginny, FrAy15, bewarethenargles, and a whole lots! x]

Tag your randomnest friend: bewarethenargles, hnardiello, ♥ x]

Tag your funniest friend: A lot are funneh xD :D

Tag someone who makes you smile: SomewhereInNeverland, and all my friends ! ♥

Tag someone who makes you laugh: hnardiello, SomewhereInNeverland, Dance, and more =D ♥

Tag someone pretty: Everyone ♥

Tag someone cute: Ehh..

Tag your crush: Not Telling.. ♥

Tag someone you can talk to about almost anything: Alot of my top friends :]

Tag your twin: But... I have a lot of twinsies ♥

Tag someone who's online a lot: The_Kit_Kat_Artist, and whoever spams me, I dunno..

Tag someone you miss: Alot :c, Alexx_The_Great ♥

Tag someone who writes awesome stories: FrAy15, fishflyby,Dance, Awena_Evenstar, xBVBx, and a few others :)

Tag someone you want to meet in person: My bestest friendsies! cx

Tag someone you want to get to know better: People I don't talk to

Re-post this tagging your friends! :)


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