Identical yet quite different (an Ouran High school host club story)

Identical yet quite different (an Ouran High school host club story)

Liliana Blackwood, a girl with rich parents is constantly getting into trouble and does so purposely, she shuts out everyone from her life, refusing to make friends or let anyone close. She insists in rebelling anyway she possibly can and resents nearly all authority figures especially her dad, so what happens when this rebellious girl starts Ouran Academy and stumbles upon the host club. Will the hosts be the ones to get past her defenses and learn the truth behind her unsociable nature.

Chapter 1

Ouran's Newest Rebel

I woke the next morning, showered, then changed into:

I pulled my school uniform over the top, hiding my jacket in my bag until later. I made my way downstairs to find dad already sat eating breakfast, I sat down and glared at him.
"I see you've changed your hair yet again" Dad said seemingly uninterested.
"yeah so" I snapped and started eating.
"I don't think it's appropriate" Dad told me
"I don't particularly care" I grumbled. I ate quickly then went straight to the car. I was starting Ouran Academy today.

It wasn't long until I arrived outside the school. I headed into the school and found a girls bathroom there I removed my school dress and pulled on my jacket. I then headed into my classroom. Everyone was in there seats.
"Excuse me miss but where's your uniform?" A boy asked he looked like the teachers pet. He had stood to come over.
"In my bag not that it's any business of yours" I snapped
"Well your going to get in trouble" The boy said sticking up his nose at me.
"And that nose of yours is going to be bleeding if you stick it in my business again, now f!&k off you snob" I threatened. He went and sat back down.
" wheres your uniform?" came a mans voice I turned to see the teacher stood there.
"As I told Mr stuck up his A7se it's in my bag and no I won't go put it on" I said hands in my pockets.
"I heard we would have some authoritative issues with you Miss Blackwood but would you please mind your language" The teacher sighed
"Now seeing as that the only seat, i'm assuming it's mine so i'm going to sit down and don't call me that I hate people addressing me with my last name and I don't respond to it" I said taking the only free seat. I lent back in my chair and put my feet up on the desk. "Also I know your going to ask me to take my feet off the desk, but as you can probably tell from my reputation, green hair and my lack of uniform that I will ignore you and continue acting and dressing as I please so the easiest course of action is for you to just get on with the lesson"

After school I pulled my dress back on over my clothes and headed home, I then went to my room removed my dress, put it away then spent hours in the library reading until tea, I ate in silence, after tea I locked myself in my room with my laptop emailing Jasmine.

The rest of the month went in pretty much the same manner, I had already become know as the rebel of the school, most people avoided me on the off chance that hanging out with me would get them into trouble and I was glad they avoided me.

A month had passed, I was wearing:

I walked around wondering what to do when I remembered that there was a host club here. I asked where I would find it and headed up. I batted away the rose petals that flew at me.
"Welcome Princess to the Ouran host club" A group of boys greeting with smiles
"I see your new here" A tall blonde haired boy beamed handing me a rose, which I passed to a passing girl.
"You must be the new student, Miss Blackwood" One of two black haired boys said this one had glasses.
"Don't f**7ing call me that" I growled
"Now now, that's not the kind of language for a young lady to be using" The blonde chimed
"Oh bite me" I snapped the boy went and sulked in a corner.
"well I'm not sure what you type is but we can try you with the twins" the black haired boy with glasses said pushing them further up his nose.
"This place is where you, entertain young ladies right?" I asked
"Indeed, I'm Kyoya the vice president of the club those who like the cool type tend to be drawn to me. The sulking blonde is Tamaki is the president fans of the Princely type are drawn to him, Those who prefer the cute Lolita type favor Honey Sempai and those who favor the strong silent type tend to like Mori-sempai. The twins Hikaru and Kaoru are favored by fans of the cheeky devil type and then there's Haruhi the natural so what interests you?" Kyoya asked
"Truthfully, none, I don't like anyone and I'm not really looking to make friends I came to see what the fuss was all about and I still don't see it, I really can't be bothered with this, later" I sighed and left.
Disclaimer: I do not own anything from Ouran High school Host club, I hope you like it please comment and rate please, if you don't have me as a friend feel free to add me

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