Well, I made it...

Chapter 1


So some of you probably know I was staying up all night last night due to the first day of summer being today. I wanted to watch the sunrise this morning, but there was a wonderful storm that prevented that from happening... Well, anyways, I made it! I knew I was going to though, because I don't really sleep anyways.., Lol. XD

So basically my grandma once said there were 4 stages of staying up all night.
1. You get crabby.
2. You get laughy.
3. You go poop.
4. You cry.
Haha, I did none of that stuff last night, lol!!!

So I had a really awesome night of just staying on Quibblo nonstop for hours upon hours, I mean, I haven't even logged out since at least 12:00 this morning. I plan to try to stay logged in all day today as well, because I want to message all you wonderful people! And for those of you who are reading this, feel free to message me!



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