Eldest. (A Medieval Era)

Ember wants to make a grand entrance to her engagement party,not with a knife at her throat. Her Sister and Father are being held captive by the Red Knights but when their leader King Dumas makes an offer that Ember refuses instantly she gets banished from the land. Abused by his Knights she finally excapes. Not knowing two warriors have been sent to save her. The longer Ember stays away from her land it and it's people start to die. Will she make it back in time?

Chapter 1


by: British_
Ember (Princess)
Age: 18
Best at: Healing
Weapons: Daggers and Bow
Appearance: Waist lenght black hair, Bright china doll eyes that go green in the sunlight, Perfectly slim
Personality:Sweet,Formal,Friendly,Athletic,Kind,Hot tempered,Leader,Caring,Can be Dangerous,Violent,Demanding,Fiesty
Other: Most beautiful women in the land, King wants her to Wed, Heir to the throne,Can speak to animals,Most gifted healer.

Lily (Princess)
Best at: Magic
Weapons: Elemental magic
Appearance: Dark brown hair shoulderish lenght, Emeraled green eyes, Skinny, Tall, Athletic
Personality: Smart,Analytical,Cunning,Calm,Kinda shy,Quiet
Other: Powerful witch (Kept secret, for the people fear powerful magic)

Sophie (Warrior)
Age: 19
Best at: Stealth
Weapons: Bow and Daggers
Appearance: 5 foot 5, Medium blonde hair to shoulder blades, Emerald green eyes, Lithe
Personality: Silent, Brave, Fearsome when angry, Loyal, Protective
Other: A lengend known as Dark Hero. Most belive she is male because she wears a black hooded cloak only few know she is female

Willow (Warrior)
Age: 19
Best at: Sword fighting
Weapon: Armingsword
Appearance: Knee length curly black-brown hair, bright blue eyes, very pale, Skinny, Tall
Personality: Fun, Loving, Sweet, Stubborn, Intelligent, Brave, Impatient, Tomboy, Fierce, Understanding, Fearless, Fiery, Quiet, Athletic
Personality: Best female sword fighter in the land

Dumas (Evil King)
Age: 22
Best at: Creating chaos
Weapons: Spear & Sword
Appearance: Wears a mask, Black hair medium lenght, in top physical condition
Personality: Power Hungary,Insane, Strategist, Persuasive
Other: Uses deception and intimadation to get what he wants.

***Changed some ages because didn't go with charactor status

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