Where My Demons Hide | Avengers Fanfiction

Where My Demons Hide | Avengers Fanfiction

Peach Tandy Stark has spent her whole life living the perfect life in the Stark Tower with her mom and dad, Pepper and Tony. She's seventeen and she knows that her father stopped saving the world when she was born, so that he could always make sure that he was going to be there for Peach.
But now, Loki has come back to Earth with a new plan for taking over the world. He meets Peach and thinks that he could use her as a part of his plan. Peach finds herself falling for the god, even though she

Chapter 1

Chapter I

intoduction continued knows he's thousands of years older than her and clearly trouble; she's heard the stories from Thor. But she doesn't want to believe that he's using her.

Chapter I

"Peach. Peach, wake up."
Peach opened her eyes to see her father, Tony Stark, staring down at her.
She groaned and rolled over. "I don't want to."
Tony stood up, and reached for a glass jar he had set on the floor. "Okay, then, I guess I'll just let Frankie get you up."
Peach shot up in her bed and stared at Tony with wide eyes, who was unscrewing the cap of the jar. He paused and looked at Peach.
"Not Frankie. See, I'm awake now. No Frankie needed."
Frankie was Tony's pet spider that he had adopted in the last month and used against Peach, who had aracnophobia, whenever she didn't do what he told her to.
"Alright." he said, screwing the lid back on. "No Frankie then."
Peach fell backwards into her pillows. "What do I need to get up for anyway?"
In response, Tony pulled open her thick mahogany curtains to reveal a wall that was entirely windows, letting sunlight stream into the room. "It's nearly noon, in case you forgot how to look at that clock next to your bed. How late were you up last night?"
Peach looked at her alarm clock and saw that it indeed was 11:45 am. She had been up until at least five finishing Under the Dome by Stephen King, much later than she was supposed to be up. Or had she been up until six? Anyway, she knew was supposed to go to bed before three, but honestly, the book had been really good.
"What's today?" she asked.
"I'm pretty sure that's not answer to my question. What were you doing last night?"
"I snuck out and went to a party."
"Oh, please, do you really think I'm that stupid, Peach? I know you better than that. You hate parties."
Peach didn't answer him this time, just leaned back and stared at her ceiling, which had a poster of her favorite band, Green Day, on it.
"You were reading, weren't you? You're bookmark isn't in the book anymore." Tony said, picking up Under the Dome and scanning the pages.
"How many times do your mother and I have to tell you not to stay up so late reading?"
"I can't think of why it would matter. There are other teens out there in rich families like ours who have fun doing drugs and I have my fun by reading books. You should be grateful." Peach said, snatching the book from her father's hands. She didn't like it when other people touched her things.
Tony smirked and sat down on the edge of her bed. "Today is June 17, 2032. And today, your friends are coming to visit."
Peach's eyes lit up. "Does that mean Thor, too? Is he coming this time?"
Tony chuckled. "Yep. He's supposed to make it this time."
By 'friends' Tony had meant the old Avengers team. Peach didn't exactly hang out with anyone her age, and the only people she considered friends in her life was her parents and the Avengers.
Peach jumped out of bed and threw open the doors of her walk-in closet, rummaging through her clothes looking for something to wear. Once she had found her clothes, she threw them out into the middle of her room and came back out to find that Tony was still sitting on her bed.
"You can go now. I'm going to get dressed."
Tony didn't say anything, just got up and left the room, closing the door behind him. Peach pulled the curtains shut once again before getting dressed. She hated having her curtains open. Her room was high enough in the Stark Tower that no one would be able to see her, but she still felt watched. And she didn't like that.
Once she had gotten dressed, Peach headed down the hall to the kitchen, where her mother was making eggs, pancakes, sausage, and....Poptarts. She smelled Poptarts.
Peach was taken down to the floor by what at first seemed to be a huge bear happily yelling her name, but then Peach realized that bears can't talk and it was just Thor.
"Thor! You're early! But you could you try not to squeeze me so hard, please?"
"Sorry, Peach. I just keep forgetting how fragile you humans are."
"Yeah, and could you remember how fragile my kitchen is, too? Tackle anyone again, and you might chip the damn tiles." Tony said, walking into the room, carrying the jar with Frankie. He set it down on the table. Pepper saw this.
"Honestly, Tony, do we really have to eat at the table with that thing?" she said.
"Yes, we do. At least until Peach learns how to respect me. And by the way, Frankie has a name. And feelings."
"Why do I need to learn to respect you?" Peach asked, taking a seat at the table, as far away from Frankie as would be allowed.
"Because. Kids should respect their parents."
"I respect you and Mom." Peach argued.
Tony pretended to consider this. "Well, if you do, is the best way of showing it staying up past your bedtime reading a book?"
"What book?" Pepper asked, as Peach was about to protest again.
"Under the Dome." Peach answered.
"Honestly, can you really blame her, Tony? It's a good book."
Peach smiled. She always loved it when her dad would pretend to pick on her for something, so her mom always took her side in the pretend argument.
"When are the others due to arrive?" Thor asked, sitting down at the table.
"Sometime within the next hour or two." Tony said.
Pepper shook her head, smiling. "The next hour or two? Couldn't you at least give the world smaller time frames? Like the rest of the world does?"
"No." Tony said as he also sat down at the table.
"So, Peach, have you any relationship with a male yet?" Thor asked.
Peach shook her head as Tony answered for her. "Peach doesn't talk to boys. She's also not allowed to."
"I'm allowed to." Peach argued.
"No you're not."
"Since when?"
"Since I said so. You're not allowed to talk to boys."
"I'm talking to Thor."
"Number one, you know what I mean. Number two, Thor is not a boy. He's more of a cuddly kitten god."
"A cuddly kitten...." Thor mused.
"Peach, honey, go to wine cellar and grab me a bottle of white wine." Pepper said, from the stove.
"This early in the morning?" Peach asked.
"No, not for now, but I'm going to want it later. Always better to have it beforehand."
Peach could tell that she wasn't wanted in the room now, and decided to just do as her mother said. The wine cellar was about fifteen floors down from where she was, but she didn't bother taking the elevator; she liked to take the stairs and besides, if her parents and Thor were having a conversation that she wasn't supposed to be involved in, she might as well take her time.
It didn't take her long to find the white wine. She knew that cellar like the back of her hand. Okay, maybe not that well, but she was in there often. It was quiet in there, and she could be well hidden if she wanted.
She turned around and to head back to the door, but there was something there that hadn't been before, causing the bottle to fall to the floor and shatter at her feet.

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