The Fear of Vanishing (Original Group Story)

The year is 2099 and the once bustling city of New York City is now slowly starting to vanish into thin air. The question is why? How are more and more people disappearing everyday? How long will it be until you disappear? In this story, a group of people from ages 13 to 30 must find out why and if they have any hope for survival. Along the way, obstacles will emerge and people will be tested. Can you save yourself? Will there still be a New York by the time this is all done?

Chapter 1

Norelle Mae Ross~The Start of It All

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It was your average March day in the year 2097. Everything about the day seemed normal, the snow was melting, birds were arriving back after the average winter, people were outside in parks enjoying the fresh spring air. It was normal. Almost too normal.

I, Norelle Mae Ross was at Time Square with my three older brothers whose names are Carson, Adam and Matthew. I was sitting by a water fountain when the blue sky darkened as clouds seemed to fit as a blanket across the sky.

Carson looked around, "Adam.. Matt.. Mae.. It's time to go.."

I nodded standing up from my spot and strolled over to my oldest brother as Matt joined us too.

Looking around, I realized Adam was gone and I blinked confused and numb, "Guys.. where's Adam?"


That was 2 years ago, it was now 2099 and people disappearing was starting to become a normal thing to hear on the news. I woke up on a cloudy, gloomy day as lightning and thunder erupted into the New York sky.

Standing up, I stared at my older brother's picture that was on my night stand and sighed whispering, "Where could you be Adam..."

Looking down at my piles of clothes, I picked out a pair of denim capris that just went an inch past my knees and New England Patriots sweatshirt that my dad got me for my 15th birthday. After gathering my undergarments and any other clothing I needed, I headed to the bathroom and got ready for the day. After 10 minutes in the shower, I finished then dried myself off and finished getting ready. My final touch was putting my dark hair in a ponytail.

I headed down to the living room as the house's system welcomed my presence, "Morning Mae"

I smiled, "Good Morning"

I found my brothers at the kitchen table watching t.v. and eating their pancakes. I took a seat next to Carson, "Mom and dad at work?"

Carson nodded, "And we're heading to work or school in about 20 minutes"

I nodded as a picture of a young man (around 23) popped up on the screen as Matt turned the volume up. The anchorman's voice spoke through the screen,

"Another missing person has been aknowledged now, it's been said he's been missing for a week now. He's a 23 year old man named Benjamin Harrison.. If anyone sees him, please let his family know"

I sighed as Ruby (our house robot) zoomed over me with my blueberry pancakes and I slowly ate. But just as I finished, a loud crack of thunder shook the house and the ground never stopped shaking.

Blinking, Carson stood up and opened the front door, letting in our husky-Lyric and looked outside, "Uh.. guys you might want to see this"

Matt and I walked to the front door and my light purple eyes widened in the sight. Trees popping randomly down in the ground, just disappearing, houses begin sinking

We quickly put the dishes away as our house started to tremble more. I was the first out of the door and turned back to see my brothers struggling to get out, "Matt? Carson?!"

But it was Adam's voice that rang through my ears, "Run Mae, go somewhere safe, they'll be fine"

I took a shaky breath as rain poured down on me and I ran under the street lights, trying to find a place safe, trying to find a dry place.

After a long time of running around New York, I found an old empty building that didn't seem to be getting effected, so I walked inside to see a light burning in a room. Following the light, not thinking, I came up to a big room that had a boy a little older than me in.

Chewing on my lip, I stepped forward, "hello?"

And I braced myself for what would happen.

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