Time to Kill My Best Friend (Original Group Story)

This is based true story.

Chapter 7

Sunday Church

Blessing's POV

Yesterday was the ladie's bible study, I didn't get to sit next to Grace, Judith Ann wouldn't let me, but I wasn't surprised.

"Blessing!" Signa calls from downstairs. "It's time to go to church!" I grab my purple bible and head down the stairs. Everyone is already in the van. I run outside and get in.

"Honey," my mom says as I buckle in. "Try to spend a little time with Judith Ann today, she's been going through a hard time..." I sigh and clench my fists. "I still like Judith and all, but she's not really nice anymore, she seems evil." My mom looks at me an laughs. "Judith Ann evil? Blessing, Blessing, Blessing..."

I don't think it's funny, not at all, I think it's anything but funny. Grace is really the only other person who fully understands the way I feel.

It's about a half an hour drive to church, I just listen to Taylor Swift songs in the car on the way.

When we finally arrive it's right around 9:30.

I sit in the pew in front of Judith Ann's family. "Hi Judith." I look back and smile at her. Judith Ann sighs, and gives me an evil look. I can tell she wishes she could just punch me in the face right then and there, and I'm sure big fat Aunt Marie wouldn't even punish her.

It's time for church to start, we sing a song. I try to sing, but I can't concentrate, I can just feel Judith Ann's eyes piercing into my back. I turn around, and she is glaring at me. She isn't even singing, she is just staring...

It's time for the prayer, I turn around and bow my head. I can hear Judith breathing heavily behind me, it almost sounds like she's growling, as if she were a lion about to eat me.

When the prayer is finished, I walk down to bible class as I do every week, Judith Ann walks with me. "We're going to be the only two students in class today you know..." She says.

I get down to class and sit in my regular seat, Judith takes a seat next to me.

All during class Judith is staring at me, her eyes wide open, and I can hear her gritting her teeth.

Finally class is over, and I get out away from Judith Ann as fast as I can.

After church is over, we have potluck.

There are no seats left, so Judith suggests that we sit on the stairs, alone... I can't help but wonder why Judith always wants to be alone with me, and it freaks me out.

"We should wait until everyone's gotten their food until we eat..." Judith says. "Uhm, there might not be anything left for us then." I say, hoping she wont slap me across the face. "Well I don't even want to eat anyway, but my parents make me. They just want me to be big and fat."

We wait for everyone to be finished, and I say. "We should really get some food now." "Fine!" Snaps Judith Ann.

We go to get our food. I take 2 pieces of pizza. "Don't you think that's a little much?" She looks at my pizza in a disgusted way. "I'm really hungry today, I might even have 3, or 4." "4!?" Judith sounds shocked. "You are going to get fat Blessing..." But I wont let her influence how much I eat, I am going to take as much food as I want.

We are eating, Judith takes little nibbles of her food, while I scarf mine all down and am ready for more.

"Seconds?" I ask. "No way! I don't even want desert!" Cries Judith. "But Aunt Marie would really want you to eat more Judith." "Who cares what she wants? I only care about what I want!" Judith yells.

I go to get desert, I choose 2 big chocolate chip cookies. "I can't believe you eat so much..." Mutters Judith as she zooms past me.

I go to find Grace, she is sitting at a table with Kathleen and Signa. "Wanna go talk?" I ask. "Sure." Grace smiles and gets up.

We decide to go outside together to talk.

We walk around outside as we talk. "Judith is getting thinner and thinner..." I say. "She hardly ate a thing at lunch today." "I know what you mean." Says Grace, and then her face freezes.

"What is it Grace?" I say. "Look..." Grace points a finger at the window of the church building, Judith Ann is glaring out at us evilly, and she has something in her hand that I can't make out...

"Is that a... a pocket knife?" I ask. Grace nods. "I hear she carries one with her wherever she goes..."

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