Stuck In Her Daydream -1D Group Story-

Stuck In Her Daydream -1D Group Story-

♡ My group story with ZiallElounorandZarry
♡ Enjoy xx

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - Rebecca's P.O.V

It's 2013, we have phones that talk to us, tv's thin as paper, and can travel into space... And yet I still have to go through senior year of high school. Maybe when someone explains to me this logic I'll be a bit more okay with it yet no one seems to have any answers.
The reason I do ask is because high school is easily my rendition of a penitentiary. You go in to a big grey building, you're forced to listen to things middle-aged men and women tell you, and then are tested on these things. You get to go outside for 45 minutes, then only allowed to leave once those men and women have 'taught' you enough. Tell me how this doesn't sound like jail, or a cult.
Either description fits my high school perfectly. Maybe things'd be better if I had friends... I shouldn't say this. I mean there's Gary and Nick who are gay and make this known to just about everyone with eyes. There's Simon who gets off to pictures of video game characters, and of coarse Alex who's a year younger than all of us and therefore can not sit with this pretty electric lunch table.

Please note the sarcasm.
"Rebecca you should eat... You look pale again" I really wish Gary'd quit worrying. Ever since I became anti-social in Sophomore year, he worried.
He sat by me on April 5th, I remember this so clearly because it was the first time throughout the entire year someone actually sat next to me at lunch. He told me how he worried about me, and I replied the same thing I have for two years now, "I'm fine"
Nick was sitting on his lap, feeding him a fruit cup and giving me a sideways look. They're like parents. Those uncomfortable parents who are far too touchy and don't even realize that they're PDA is distracting from what they're actually trying to say.
Perfect example: Nick just said something yet I was too busy watching him feed a grape to Gary. Is this supposed to be hot?

Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with gay people. Though I don't care if you're gay, lesbian, straight, bi, your boyfriends a dog, your girlfriends your grandma... If you express too much PDA, I don't like you.
I especially hate this scenario in which one of my only friends is too touchy with one of my other 'only' friends and I'm forced to not have a problem with it.
I really don't like being forced to do things.
"Did you study for our History test?" Simon asked. I swear every time he talks it's as though he just came out of no where. He's always so quiet and his face is always too close to whatever book he's reading. I hate Simon but I tolerate Simon.
"We have a history test?" I reply.
Gary sighed, there he goes worrying again, "Rebecca-"

"Please mum, I don't need another lecture. I'll study before class-"
Simon raises an eyebrow, "It's next period"
"Then I'll fail another test. What can I say" With a shrug I collect my tray of uneaten food and start walking it to the garbage.
Gary seems to untangle himself from his boyfriend and springs up to chase after me. He's exactly my height yet always tries to be intimidating by puffing up his chest. It's kinda cute.
"Rebecca, what were you doing last night?" He asked sternly.
I threw out my food and set the tray down. I looked up at the sky, chewing my bottom lip as I thought very carefully to my previous night... "Well I went home... Smoked in my room... Came down had dinner... Listened to my parents yell at me a little for smoking... Went back in my room... Took a pill... Then another... This continued till the bottle was empty... Then I just kinda fell asleep" I deduced.

Gary looked at me with so much pain, it kind of hurt myself. I remember the first time Gary sat with me (April 5th) and he looked me square in the eye, took a deep breathe and said: "You know, you're such a waste of a pretty face"
Ouch. I think... I mean everyone knew he was gay, he came out on FaceBook the summer after Freshman year, yet still, it was pretty hurtful... Yet kind of a compliment too.
Ever since I was little, I knew I was on the more attractive side. I know, this is wrong to say but I may as well say it... And for the record I never said it out loud it's just my thoughts.
I mean all the boys had a crush on me, all the girls wanted to be my friend. My hair was curly enough that it wasn't frizzy, yet wasn't pin straight and awkward. It was a perfect chestnut, and my eyes such a stunning blue.
I know I never lost that natural beauty, but I kind of hide it, though not on purpose.
Those blue eyes have a layer of glass over them, those pretty lips in a constant scowl. That hair everyone was jealous of was chopped and messy.

It was self-dyed and usually tangled. That gymnastics body left a long time ago. I think it was the heroin that took that. Replaced with sickly tight skin over bones that were too prominent.
I don't know, I guess that's just me now.
Finally Gary spoke, and his sigh was just a warning what he was about to say wouldn't be good, "Rebecca I love you. You know that. I think you need to stop-"
The bell rings.
"Hey look at that. Talk to me about this later though, I'm very interested to hear what you have to say Gar. See ya" I patted his shoulder and took off to my locker which was all the way on the third floor. Yet in a larger sense I'm glad it's so far. An easy escape from my friends...
Man I guess I shouldn't really call them friends huh? I guess Alex is the best friend I have here besides Gary... Or maybe her and Gary are just about equal.

Is it possible to have two best friends? I don't know, I think I missed that lesson of girl-hood.
"Oh. My. God. Did you hear?"
I want to butt into the conversation of the two Freshman next to me just to point out how dumb she sounds. Like an American or something...
"No what?" Her little friend asks, far too interested in whatever the bimbo has to say.
"Harry Styles is here in Cheshire! I mean I know of coarse he lives her but he's visiting home! Supposedly Louis came with him!" The girl goes on.
Harry Styles... That's that kid in that boy-band right?
"Oh. My. God! Larry!" The second girl squeals. They burst into laughter while the other one slaps her arm,
"Puh-Lease they're just friends! It's really sweet Louis came in though! Oh my god, after school wanna drive by Harry's old school?! Maybe he'll be there?!"

I really want to butt in now. Why the hell would anone visit their own school? It's like an ex-prisoner waking up and saying 'hey, you know what I wanna do today? I wanna take a visit back to my prison! That sounds wonderful!'
Though the third bell rings warning us all that if we're not in our classrooms the teachers (prison guards) will go all ape-shit and make us sit through 40 minutes of detention.
I do make it to class in time, and I do fail that HIstory test. No surprises though, just another day in the life.

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