A Vampyre Life

O.O I was turned into a vampyre.

Chapter 1



The air smelled like dirt. I had no idea where I was. I could feel I was laying down. My head throbbed so I lay still, and kept my eyes shut. I thought to myself, why am I on the ground? I heard a cricket chirping loudly. I slowly opened my heavy eyelids to look around. I was on my back. I saw the sides of two brick buildings, one on each side of me. Why am I in an alley? I want to go home, I thought. I was stiff all over. I sat up into sitting position, and scooted backwards until I could lean on the wall. I brushed off the sleeves of my leather jacket, which were dusty.

I inhaled deeply, resulting in a horrid coughing fit. My eyes burned and a few tears welled up. After several moments of catching my breath, I sighed heavily. "I don't know." I said aloud, still not knowing how I got here. I was completely drained of all my energy. My mind was perplexed and I wanted to cry out in confusion. But, I didn't.

Suddenly, something rustled around close to me. I froze. I stopped breathing. My heartbeat was so loud, anything in the alley could have heard. It pounded my chest as if it wanted to break out. Then, as quickly as the terror had came, it vanished. I heard a soft "meow" and saw a cat slinking around a few garbage cans. It was only a cat.

It meowed again, flitting the tip of it's tale back and forth and sniffing the air. I sighed again. How could such a little thing scare a guy like me so easily? The moonlight turned it into a black silhouette. A simple animal with a complex appeal to the eyes. I held out a hand weakly, and made kissy noises, trying to entice the thing. It tilted it's little head and watched me. Then took small careful steps closer, closing the void between us. I made another kissy noise and it scurried up happily to my hand and rubbed it's head on my palm.

"Hey little guy." I softly croaked. My voice was worn out and tired. I rubbed the cats ears and chin, and in return it purred like a little motor. I smiled. The cat inched it's was onto my lap and curled up into a ball. it couldn't have been more that seven months old, it wasn't full grown. I stroked it's back for a moment, then rummaged in my jacket pocket for my cigarettes. I stuck one between my lips and lit up, inhaling deeply. I felt better already.

I rubbed my temples hoping to help the splitting headache, but it didn't work. I heard a dog bark in the distance. The cat poked his head up, but stayed on my lap. I rubbed his chin again, "It's alright, little motorboat." he purred loudly. After we'd sat for about a half-hour, I decided to stand up. My joints in my legs felt terrible. I braced myself on the wall, taking some steps. My black boots felt like they weighed a ton. I looked at the cat and he at me. I scooped him up and zipped him up into the safety of my jacket, his head poking out just under my chin. He purred and I felt the vibration in my bones. He'd welcomed the warmth.

I didn't even know if I was in my own town. It was dark, and only a few buzzing streetlamps provided and pathway. If I was still in my own town, I'd definitely never been to this part before. The streets were deserted and so were many of the buildings. The wind blew some newspaper across the cracked street. Everything looked wrong, and it all made me feel eerie.

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