Things you may not have known about me! (More in chapter 4)

Chapter 4

More! More! More!

1. I'm definitely team Edward.

2, I am an introvert.

3. Halloween and Christmas are my favorite holidays.

4. I once kissed a frog, and nothing happened. (And I thought I was a princess, silly me... sighs)

5. I love old black and white movies.

6. I act mental and immature A LOT!

7. I sing in the shower very loud, lol!

8. I wish I could become vegetarian.

9. I'm scared of old cartoons. (Literally, they creep me out soooo bad, they give me nightmares!)

10. I didn't cry at Titanic any of the times I watched it. (Yeah, so I have no heart! LOL!)

11. I straighten my VERY curly eyelashes, lol!

12. I hate peanut butter.

13. My favorite day of the week is Sunday. (CHURCH!)

14. I talk in my sleep.

15. I love screamo music.

16. I sleep in a bunk bed. (Top bunk)

17. I love the original Twilight Zone

18. I have a pretty low singing voice.

19. My longest novel was 54,639 words.

20. I mumble almost everything I say.

21. I want to skateboard sooo bad.

22. I hate the color pink.

23. Baking makes me happy.

24. I can't swim well... o.O

25. My hair has natural wave that I hate and want to murder.

26. I am totally what my mom calls "Boy Crazy"!

27. I almost always wear my skull ring and skull bracelet.

28. My golden birthday was when I was 1, and I didn't even get anything golden! DX

29. I speak sign language!! HAHA!!

30. I can burp the alphabet. (And I bet you're thinking that's nothin' to be proud of, eh???) LOL!!!

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