Things you may not have known about me! (More in chapter 4)

Chapter 3


1. I am naturally right handed, but I write with my left hand a lot.

2. I am very lazy, and I procrastinate a lot.

3. I'm in love with a beautiful boy named Micai.

4. Singing with Taylor Swift is my dream.

5. I want to marry very young.

6. I love to write gory poems and books, with a lot of blood.

7. I want to get a nose piercing.

8. My first name was almost Blessing.

9. I think being goth is awesome.

10. My hair is naturally very wavy.

11. I love sneezing.

12. I'm great with little boys, they always love me, lol.

13. I was nicknamed the burping queen.

14. My dad and I are really close.

15. I love poetry.

16. I'm learning to play guitar.

17. I prefer pencils over pens, and they have to be very sharp.

18. I love dachshunds.

19. Roxie is the name of my dachshund.

20. I have to wear braces for 4 years.

21. I'm always wearing black nail polish.

22. I love redheads.

23. I have the gift apparently, lol.

24. I hate animated movies.

25. My favorite music is always depressing.

26. I hate wearing necklaces.

27. I'm always covered in bruises.

28. Writing music is my way of escaping reality.

29. My best self defense mechanism are my elbows.

30. I'm a Slytherin.

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