Things you may not have known about me! (More in chapter 4)

Chapter 2

30 more!

1. My favorite thing to drink besides water is juice.

2. My favorite animals are panda bears, penguins, and zebras.

3. I think scars are awesome!

4. My first crush was Paul McCartney.

5. I keep a secrets diary.

7. I've written 14 full length novels.

8. I am very gullible and naive.

9. I own a collab channel on youtube.

10. I use headgear.

11. My ears are pierced, but I never wear earrings.

12. I admin a page on Facebook with 7,000+ likes. (It's a Taylor Swift fan club.)

13. I know sign language.

14. I have very bad hearing.

15. I HATE being a teenager.

16. I had a root canal when I was 12.

17. I broke my arm when I was 2.

18. I have the same recurring dream almost every night.

19. I don't like to laugh.

20. I am very intrigued by knifes.

21. I sing in the shower.

22. My sister is engaged! (I'm super excited!)

23. I only have basically 1 friend. (Aside from my Quibblo friends.)

24. I crack my knuckles every few minutes.

25. I live in Wisconsin, but yet hate most cheese.

26. I was born with black hair.

27. I am lost in my own world most of the time.

28. I am obsessed with all creepy things.

29. I love pulling pranks!

30. My nickname is Loo Loo. (I have another too, but only DD can use it.)

I'll post more soon! :D

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