Things you may not have known about me! (More in chapter 4)

Chapter 1


1. I am a Christian in the church of Christ.

2. I was born September 1 1998.

3. Both my pinkies are bent.

4. I have deformed spit glands.

5. I have scoliosis.

7. My favorite singer is Taylor Swift.

8. I don't like most food... :P

9. I've gotten a book published.

10. I love to sing.

11. I've written 100+ songs.

12. I used to be in love with Niall Horan.

13. 13 is my lucky number.

14. Mariah (MB95) is my sister.

15. My middle name is Blessing.

16. I have multiple youtube accounts.

17. I am a model for my mother who is a photographer, she sells pictures of me to magazines, which is upsetting...

18. I have never actually had an actual boyfriend, but someone has proposed to me before.

19. I have braces.

20. I was baptized September 7 2011.

21. I have 5 siblings.

22. Winter is my favorite season.

23. I have anger issues.

24. I don't smile very often.

25. I go to church 3 times a week.

26. I love horror movies.

27. I'm very shy.

28. I LOVE pizza hut, or at least I used to...

29. I live in the country around lots of farms.

30. I have green eyes.

Hope you liked it, there will be more coming soon. :)

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