Soul Collision (A Soul Eater Group Story)

This is a Group story that me and my good friend Isampa are creating....with our own OC's in it. Woo-Hoo! Go Soul Eater!

Chapter 1


Author: Isampa

Name: Isabel(Is or Izzy) Catherine Browning
Hair Color: red, with black and darker red highlights
Length:down to waist
Eye Color: electric blue
Skin color: dark tan
Clothing:black button up long sleeve shirt(sometimes with bowtie)w a bit too big, red skinny jeans, black and red patterened Converse, black glasses,black fedora with red ribbon tied around base
Weapon or meister:both
No partner for now....
Personality: is very independent, really smart (IQ of 193),very leaderish,mysterious, can be a bit like Patti sometimes,doesn't like being stereotyped
Hobbies:reading,building things, cooking,sewing(made outfit except for Converse)
Other:mother and father abandoned her when she was five, ansd she found out she could make any weapon appear, but prefers ninja stars and bow and arrows

Author: Me aka The_Kit_Kat_Artist

Name: Lilly Rosalie Ravenwood
Age: 14 going on 15.
Hair Color: Jet Black with Blue, Red, Purple, and Pink Highlights
Length: To just below Chin
Eye Color: Amethyst Purple
Skin Color: Pale White
Clothing: Red V-Neck T-shirt, Blue Jean Jacket, Blue Skinny Jeans, Brown Cowboy Boots, and a Yellow and Black Striped Beanie Hat.
Weapon or Meister: Both.
No Partner for now... but will team up with Isampa's character later in the story.
Personality: Smart, Silent, Shy, Creative, Artistic, Doesn't talk that much. Is a bit of a Skater Girl. Really Sensitive...but doesn't like to show it. She's a Genius...with a perfect IQ of 200. She's really smart...but doesn't like to show it.
Hobbies: Reading, anything to do with art, writing, Playing Piano & Guitar, Baby-sitting, Skateboarding
Other: Mom's Dead. Father wasn't really that great and she ran away from home when she was 6. Found out that she could turn into a type of sword known as the Hand Of Tymen it is a sword which has 5 blades coming out of one handle when she was 8. Been living on the streets ever since. Has no siblings as far as she knows of.

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