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Chapter 1

54 things...

1)Sxaul orientation: Straight
2)What I'm really bad at: Talking to people, maths, singing, a lot more..
3)The one person who's arms I'd like to be in: Danny Worsnop
4)My best first date: I'm 14 so I haven't exactly been on a first date aha
5)A description of my self-asteem: I don't think I even have one :/
6)Who my bestfriends are: Molly
7)My favourite book: Skulduggery Pleasant playing with fire
8)Biggest turn offs:Greasy hair, self obsessed, cheaters
9)A description of my bestfriend: Um she's just great, the end.
10)My favourite animal: Either lynxes, wolves, or any type of cat
11)Someone I miss: My grandad
12)The reason behind my last brake up: Never been in a relationship because they suck balls sorry
13)What I did yesterday: Went around town with some people and did random stuff
14)What my greatest achievments are: Err there's nothing I'm really that proud of tbh
15)A description of the person I dislike most: Urghh don't get me started on that.
16)My favourite songs right now: Anything by Asking Alexandria as usual =), but other than that I'm obsessed with America by Motionless in white.
17)How my last kiss went down:.......................................................No
18)What I find atractive in the prefered sxxxx: Green eyes, fit hair, distinctive accents.
19)All of the pets I have ever had: Urghh ok I'm not gonna name them all though, 23 cats, 7 dogs, 6 bids, 19 fish, 2 hamsters, 1 snake, 3 rats, 2 mice, a lot of chickens I've lost count, 1 chinchilla, 2 ducks, a lot of guinea pigs, 5 rabbits, 2 lizards.
20)Favourite flavor of ice cream: Hmm.. banana
21)The one place I want to be right now: Here
22)The meanest thing anyone has ever said to me: Umm people have said some pretty horrible stuff but it doesn't bother me unless it comes from someone I care about soo... I dunno...
23)Where I have lived before: I've lived here all my life
24)I'll love you if: You are Danny Worsnop, Ben Bruce, Sam Bettlley, Cameron Liddell. or James Casttells...
25)What are my furture plans: Move to California or somewhere like that
26)An internal conflict I have with myself: My emotions
27)What I'm doing tomorrow: Going to school, then sleeping
28)What I want to be when I'm older: Guitarist of some amazing band
29)Most embarressing moment: Urr, whenever I cry infront of people
30)Two of my insecurities: I hate myself, social anxiety
31)What I would do if I won the lottery: Spend it mothafucka
32)A description of the boy I like: Nooo, noo nooo nooo nooo noo
33)What I love most about myself: My music taste is the best
34)My biggest pet peeves: Ermm I get really O.C.D when people are in my room to the point if they don't sit in the right place I'll cry.. so probably that..
35)What bands I've seen live: Haven't seen any yet but I'm seeing Funeral for a friend, motionless in white and avenged sevenfold this year =D
36)How many kids I want in the furture: 2
37)My idea of a perfect date: Asking Alexandria concert, then take-away whilest watching Sherlock Holmes, then fall asleep on the counch :)
38)What I'm really good at: Sleeping
39)Most traumatic experience: Watching my cat be put to sleep was pretty horrible but nothing too bad aha
40)Where I would like to live: Danny Worsnop's bed.......
41) The nicest thing anyone has ever said to be: "You're really helpful and you've helped me get through a lot of hard times" arwh
42)Do I like where I am right now: Yeah, I guess, it could be better, could be worse :)
43)What I can hear right now: Reckless and relentless by Asking Alexandria
44)My realationships with my singling(s): I'm close to my sisters, my brother cut him self off from the family a few months ago though
45)My biggest wory currently: Having a mental brakedown or anxiety attack infront of someone..
46)Something I've wished for repeatedly: Bands I love to come to the U.K
47)My relationship with my parents: not too bad with my mum, I don't know my dad , I sit in my room too much to say I'm close to my stepdad aha
48)What words make me the best about myself: I don't really get how to answer that..
49)Something I should've said a long time ago: I'm hungry
50)What my last text messege says: "What time are you gonna be out??"
51)What I hate most about myself: Umm there's nothing I really don't hate tbh
52)Biggest turn ons: Umm again, green eyes, fit hair, distinctive accents..
53)What words upset me the most: I hate you, Lowlife,
54)What I hate/hated most about school: The fact that teachers and students all have these massive expectations of you to be the perfect kid and to do the right thing every time and to never make mistakes even though they do all the time, and when you do screw up you get so much crap for it it's unbearable..


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