Which one of my Quibblo friends is it?

Chapter 1


I see 1 new message, my heart stops pounding for a moment, could it be? I click on the little envelope, only to find that it's just an invite. My heart sinks, I feel like crying.

I sent him a message 10 minutes ago, why hasn't he answered yet? Is he still online? I go to his profile. Yes, yes he is, but why isn't he answering me? Is he ignoring me?

I decide to send another message,

Subject: Hey :)
Message: Hi, how are you? :)

Right as I am about to send it, I see another new message has arrived. As I click on the envelope, I hold my breath... "Please please please..." It's from him! My face lights up, and for once, I smile.

Subject: Re: Hello :)
Message: Hey Esther, how's it going? :)

I'm afraid if I respond too quickly he might think I was too eager. I close my eyes and count slowly... 1...2...3....37...38..39...40. "That should be enough time."

I go to respond, my heart beating faster and faster.

Subject: Re: Hello :)
Message: Hey. :) Everything's fine, I'm just a little down... :(

As I click send message it gets harder and harder to breathe. I am too excited. "Calm down Esther," I tell myself "it's only a message."

When it is sent, I go to my profile to see if I have any new comments, hoping desperately he left one for me. When I see nothing new, I exhale slowly and close my eyes.

I click in the messages to see if I got one yet. There's nothing. I wait 5 minutes, still nothing, 10 more, nothing yet... I decide to visit his profile.

I type just the first letter of his username in the search bar, and his profile is the first thing that pops up, I click on it, silently praying he'll be online. "Oh no!" I cry out in horror. "He's... he's offline..." I literally feel like crying.

As I try to pull myself together, I go into his photo album. I find a picture of him. I stare at it for a long time, admiring his beautiful face. I want to comment down bellow, but I am too afraid, what will he think of me?

I go back to his profile, and decide to comment something... Very slowly I type the words I... love... you... I know I will never be able to hit add comment, for I am too scared of what he might think of me. I start to backspace it all. I type Hey, how are you? instead, then I click add comment.

I look at his top friends, they're all girls who are more pretty than me... And though I am jealous, I know he deserves them all. And his comments, there's one from someone, she told him she loved him, just like I wanted too, she was brave.

I do love him, with all of my heart... But what should I do?

Hey guys, how'd you like this? This is really true about a guy on here, unfortunately I can't reveal who.... But I'm hoping he will see this, and know it's for him.


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