I feel sad.......... (Don't have to read this if you don't want)

Chapter 1


I always come off sounding like a total jerk (which is what I am, btw) but I will try to be as nice as possible.

When I very first got on Quibblo, it was like my life, I was on all day everyday, I loved it so much, and could never get enough of it... Then, one day, it just got... boring, I guess. I started getting on less frequently, until one day I just stopped getting on altogether.
I was off for months upon months, and I sort of just forgot about Quibblo, Then, one day, I was like "Hey, why don't I get on Quibblo again just to see what it's like?" So I did, and it was awesome. That is where I am now.

You see, when I was on Quibblo before my huge break, I had made many good friends, some I am still in contact with, some not, but I did make great friends! I love them all dearly, but I believe that when I was gone, they may not have missed me...

You want to know where I'm going with this? Well, it's like I see so many people who haven't been online for like a day, 1 stinkin' day, and they get all these comments "GET ON!!! I MISS YOU!!!" I was off for months, and got not so much as a hi, or what's up.
I literally had no personal messages when I got back on, and no friend requests, all I had were invites, that's all I had... =[

And also, I see all my best friends commenting on other people's profiles and stories saying things to them, but none for little ole' me...

I'm sorry, I'm just seriously upset over anything and everything right now, I'm just not myself, I'm so depressed, and I haven't been sleeping well... It's just awful... But please don't take any of this personally, it's my fault anyway for not being a good friend... I will try harder.

Now I know what a lot of you must be thinking, you probably think I am just seeking attention, well I am not, this just seriously is bugging me right now, I mean I feel so stressed!

Okay, I did not say even close to all I wanted to, but let's just leave it at this for now...



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