A Rainbow Comes After A Storm (Teen Love Story)

A Rainbow Comes After A Storm (Teen Love Story)

This is not a fictional story it is based on my 7th grade school year. 2012-2013 . The only fictional things would be the name of the school, friends, teachers and well people.
Basically it includes
-Teachers that don't teach well
-Boys !
-& well more.

I'd really appreciate comments to help me improve. Also I'm sorry its a bit boring at first but it will get better trust me. Thanks. ♥

Chapter 4

•Science 8&9th period: Cholo Guy

"Mona I need to talk to you. It's important!" I say entering class coming from Lunch. "Oh my gosh what happened with you and Cristian? Tell me!" she says happy. "No it's about Kevin." I say giving her a smirk. "Oh you broke up with Cristian?"she says laughing. "No but something happened with Kevin and me and well don't say anything. Yesterday he said he was going to bring the teddy bear I got him last year In Valentines Day and I think that means that he still likes me?" I say blushing and smiling. "You get all wet." she says laughing with her special laugh.

"He's coming. Kevin let me see the teddy bear," Mona says. "Oh no she better not--"I think but too late she's already in the front of the door with him opening his backpack. "Jenny come! He has your bear! Aw it's so cute!" she says squealing. "Oh my gosh mona." I say getting red. He looks over at me and I quickly look somewhere else. My heart started beating really fast, oh boy I do still love him. Kevin I still love you. No jenny snap out of it. Then by the time I knew it he was heading my way. That coconut hair Justin Bieber wannabe ish black haired, tall, light brown skinned, low pant hanging, cholo, ghetto wanna be was heading my way.

Again why am I attractive to the bad guys? "I told you I was going to bring it." he said trying to meet with my eyes. "I didn't actually think you were serious Kevin." I said chuckling and looking at Mona and Lizzy admiring the teddy bear. "Yeah I did." He said finally meeting my eyes and smiling with that incredible smile of his. I was just 4 inches away from him and I bet he noticed my pounding heart. He goes in for a hug and I nod while walkin to the sharpener. Geez what am I doing? I mean don't I love him? I'm so stupid. My teacher comes in and tells Kevin to leave to his classroom he gets the teddy bear and starts walking to the door which is right next to the sharpener that I am using.

Ugh here it goes again my stomach fluttering and my heart beating like a Mexican Drum. "Bye."he says smiling and again asking for a hug. I blush and smile, hug him and manage to say," Bye Kevin . " He smiles and leaves. His classroom is just across ours. He is in the same team as me so we have the same teachers but different periods. "Ooooh somebody got a crush." says mona. "Shut-up." I say laughing. "Make me." she says. Mona is like that, with a sorta mean attitude but i still love that crazy girl. "Jenny that sharpener doesn't work it's the one in the Mrs. desks that work." Cesar tells me. "I was nervous." I said. "We ALL noticed." he said smiling.

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