A Rainbow Comes After A Storm (Teen Love Story)

A Rainbow Comes After A Storm (Teen Love Story)

This is not a fictional story it is based on my 7th grade school year. 2012-2013 . The only fictional things would be the name of the school, friends, teachers and well people.
Basically it includes
-Teachers that don't teach well
-Boys !
-& well more.

I'd really appreciate comments to help me improve. Also I'm sorry its a bit boring at first but it will get better trust me. Thanks. ♥

Chapter 3

•3rd period: Real friends or two faced chics? >.<

AVID my elective I chose for this year since ART just wasn't as entertaining as I thought it was. And besides that the teacher thought I was going to cause trouble in that class. Omg does that make me laugh. I don't misbehave in classes like other kids, teachers are actually lucky I don't cause them trouble. But he still moved me out of ART. (In that class was my current boyfriend , I was so stupid knowing that my perfect boyfriend was so close uh but no i went for heart-breakers geez girls these days seriously need like those glass to see the bad guys and good guys.)

"Your late." says Yosely saying smiling with her red glowing face. I don't know why but she always had it red but it looks good on her actually. People that are like preps don't like hanging with her "type" because they're "ghetto." As for me as long as you talk I'm good, were friends. But dang people are seriously so dang immature that they separate everybody into a group. Like me they think of me as a "prep" just cause I dress in brand name clothes like Hollister and Abercrombie and well you understand. "Shut-up Yosely I'm actually pretty early." I say taking my seat and joining her, Lexie, and Eileen. "15 minutes is pretty early?" she says looking at me. "Like Mrs. is going to care." I say. Mrs. was my teacher in 2nd grade and well she ended up teaching AVID in middle school now. She's chill.

"Should we tell her?"says Eileen smiling at Lexie. Dang how Eileen finds Lexie as if she was some type of teen goddess or something she's always either talking to her or taking bout her. "Tell me what?" I say leaning in to Lexie. "I don't know I think she'll get mad."Lexie says looking at Eileen. I've known Lexie since we were midgets and well all her life since 5th grade she's been a follower buyt now I guess it;s her time to shine. yay hurray for her. But I just don't really like the new her. "Will you get mad?" Eileen says looking at me. "Oh my gosh well how the f--- do you expect not to or get mad when you guys don't even tell me what's going on. Dang seriously you guys have to grow up and have the guts to tell someone something your desperately wanting to tell them because if you don't well that just proves your just a bunch of wannabe's who say there something when they're really not." dang did that feel good to get out of my chest.

They were just there stunned that I just told them that. "Okay gosh I like Kevin and we think he likes me well he says he likes me." she says with a hand on her bottom lip. "oh well aren't you guys like best friends or something?" I say tore apart. "Yeah but he told her in a note he liked her and he's lately been showing it." Eileen steps in. Really what kind of friends do I have? I mean I would've easily say Oh I like your ex boyfriend and he likes me.But no I'm not like those other friends but I guess they don't seem to care. Uh. "Well tell him you like him back?" I say trying to sound supportive. "But I don't want things to be like awkward with him." she says smiling looking down at the desk. "Well if you don't want things to be awkward then why don't you just keep things the way they are." I thought. "I seriously couldn't believe Lexie was doing this to me, she knew how much I loved Kevin and yet she wants to go there? Wow talk about fake friends." I thought.

"I think she should tell him in a note like he did." Eileen said. "I just want to run up to him and say ask me out Kevin and I'll say yes!" Lexie said happy. Eileen giggled. I fake laughed my best. Yosely was just listening. Boy was I so dang mad. Then the bell rung and it all went back to normal. Thank God, I felt as if they kept going I was going to get at them and beat the heck outta them. hehe I got my evil side, too. I may look/act innocent but deep down they're dead. ;)

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