A Rainbow Comes After A Storm (Teen Love Story)

A Rainbow Comes After A Storm (Teen Love Story)

This is not a fictional story it is based on my 7th grade school year. 2012-2013 . The only fictional things would be the name of the school, friends, teachers and well people.
Basically it includes
-Teachers that don't teach well
-Boys !
-& well more.

I'd really appreciate comments to help me improve. Also I'm sorry its a bit boring at first but it will get better trust me. Thanks. ♥

Chapter 2

Pre-Ap Class : aka my 2nd family ♥

• "Get your journal and get started on your journal topic. Breakfast ends at 8:00 am after the announcements are done", Ms.Clarrisa said. Ms.Clarrisa has blonde hair and is about 5'5, she's cool but sometimes she gets on my nerves because of her "You need to do better" attitude. "Jaylee !", Ashley says while running at me for a hug. Oh gosh, Ashley is one of the most amazing girls I've met. She's understanding, won't judge you, smart, and well a sweetheart. She looks a bit like a Indian girl but a very beautiful one. "Ashley!"I say to go in for a hug. She squeezes me but not a painful hug but a comfortable squeeze. "Jenny! hehe so how's it going with Cristian?" "Cristian?" I asked nervously. (Cristian was my boyfriend. I met him in the summer on Facebook, of course. He was from another city that was only 10 minutes away. We never saw each other face to face though. Anyways me and Cristian had 3 months together. He was a really faithful guy but there was something missing in him.) "Everything's great! He's so sweet he always surprises me when we call eachother. He's just.. great!" I say still a bit nervous. "What about Kevin?" she asked. "What about him?"I asked getting red. "Do you still like him? Remember yesterday he said he was going to bring the teddy bear you got him for Valentines last year?" she asked smiling putting her hair behind her ear. "Oh yeah I forgot." I said sounding a bit nervous. "You seem nervous Jenny are you ok?" she asks. Oh Ashley always understands, she'll understand this. "Ok well I'm sorta gaining back feelings for him." I say looking around the classroom making sure no one is eavesdropping. "Aw Jenny!" she says while going for another hug. "Yeah, but I don't know what's going on with me. I mean I'm with Cristian and I'm happy right? So why do I still feel like .. like like I don't know it's unexplainable you know?" I say trying to find the right words for her to understand me. "Like you still have feelings for him but don't want to admit it?" she says again smiling with that beautiful Indian smile she has. I shyly try covering my face and looking down at my white nike. "Jenny it's okay." she says trying to make eye contact with me. "Ah I don't know I'll talk to you in Science okay?" I say giving her another hug. She nods and goes to her desk which is only 3 feet away.

I sit down and eat breakfast when my other close friend Cesar asks," I heard you and Ashley talking, what happened with Cristian and Kevin?" he asked with a little smirk. Cesar is one inch taller, Mexican with a awesome personality but when you tick him off ha well good luck with that. "Ask Ashley, I'm eating my cookies. You know I love cookies." I say dipping my cookie in the milk until it softened. "Ah esa werkia no la va hacer escuchar tan interesante como tu lo haces escuchar. That little girl isn't going to make it sound so interesting like you make it sound interesting." he said looking her way then at me. "I'll tell you in Math class, now let me eat!" I say munching on my cookie. "Geez." he says while turning back to his spot, which is right in front of me. "What happened?" asked Valerie. (Aw my Valerie how I'm going to miss her so very much :c ) "La otra tambien de chismosa. The other girl also wanting to know." says Cesar. "I'll tell you guys in Math or Science, NOW LET ME EAT MY COOKIES!" I say laughing. "Here you could have my cookies." says Valerie.

"Goodmorning Veterans Middle School, could you all please stand up for the Pledge of Allegiance. (You guys know how it is I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United blah blah blah after all we know it all by heart. Well at least most. Trust me.) Christmas Break is coming but school isn't over yet. We still need ALL students to tuck in their shirts and always bring a belt to school. No sweaters or jackets without zippers or buttons and for those with sweaters or jackets with zippers or buttons unbutton them and unzip them. Or else we will take them AWAY. And your parents will have to pick them up afterschool. Same goes for electronics but with a fee of $15."

"Blaah blaaah blaaah eh who really cares? I mean come on we ain't no professionals we can't help but be teens! Anyways why do I still have feelings for Kevin when I'm with Cristian. I mean I love Cristian right? Or do I love Kevin? Oh no, please I already loved him in the summer and the end of the school year of 6th grade. All he did was play me. And that just lead to me dating his ex girlfriend oh dear what happened to me? I forgot I have a girlfriend. Uh yeah I forgot I'm bi but to be honest I really don't even know If I'm actually Bi. I mean i think they're cute but I just end up like breaking their hearts. Gosh I'm a player with girls , is it because I'm not really bi or because I'm just hurt? I don't know I mean after all I am planning to break up with Vicki. She's cute but lots of people hate her and what's worse is that we don't even go to school together she goes to another school but same district.Wait how did I end up talking about Vicki? I was talking about Kevin. Gosh I should really stop dating it just makes me lose focus of--- "Miss.Jennifer do you have your journal out?" asks my teacher Ms.Clarrisa asks furiously looking at me and the class gets all quiet. "Um no let me go get it." I say getting up and wanting to laugh but I know if I laugh I get my teacher more angry and if I do that I'm going to want laugh even more and probably end up in the office laughing with a angry set of set of teachers and parents and principal and no just no that will be torturing me making me want to explode of laughter because I'm young you can't just get mad at a youngster just for wanting to have fun but then again yes yes you can but for now I'm going to act scared so she will stop bugging me. " And you seriously need to start focusing in school then boys." she says walking away to her desk which is just about 9 feet away. "Yes ma'am." I say smiling at Valerie. She just nods smiling and I know in her head she's saying," Oh Jenny."

Of course I have more friends but this is just a preview of pre-ap class and well I really love them as a family I couldn't ask for better friends. thanks guys. ♥

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