A Rainbow Comes After A Storm (Teen Love Story)

A Rainbow Comes After A Storm (Teen Love Story)

This is not a fictional story it is based on my 7th grade school year. 2012-2013 . The only fictional things would be the name of the school, friends, teachers and well people.
Basically it includes
-Teachers that don't teach well
-Boys !
-& well more.

I'd really appreciate comments to help me improve. Also I'm sorry its a bit boring at first but it will get better trust me. Thanks. ♥

Chapter 1

My Name's Jaylee : Welcome To My Life ♥

It was a Tuesday in November. It was time to wake up for school. Ugh school. Especially knowing it's my school. That school that is known for being so guetto that if you dare go and tell a ghetto to move they're group will jump you. I know right? Stupid. But today seemed different I felt as if something was going to happen. Something good, perhaps? I don't know but all I know right now is that I have 25 minutes to get ready. I have to leave the house and get driven to school by my dad at 7:10 am.

I decide to do a bun on my hair and curl my bangs and sides of my layers. I'll top it off with my black bow since my friend jacked my white bow. I turn on the radio while I put on my uniform. A Sam Houston grey shirt and loose skinny khakis with my white nike. I spray perfume and head to the restroom to brush my teeth. I'm set its 6:43 am. I go outside and see my dad wait for me in his car. I go inside and he looks at me and says," What took you so long?"
"What do you mean what took me so long? It's 6:45 am," I said. He looks at me with a deep stare and turns on the car and starts heading to my school. I turn on the radio and the song " We are never getting back together " comes on. "Wee-eee are never ever ever getting back togetherr! ooooh ohhh!," I sing while looking at the window. My dad turns off the radio and says,"You better do good in school. I don't want anymore B's or C's. You understand?" "Whatever you say.." I whisper while already opening the door to get off. I slam the door and walk to the entrance of my school.

As I'm going outside... (Yes when we get dropped off at school before 8 am we go outside with all students 6,7 & 8th grade) I look for my friends of course I see my sort of backstabbing best friend since pre-k Rebecca waiting for me. She sees me and gives me a hug. "Dude guess what?" she asks. "What?"I respond. "People are telling me that Jacob likes me...."she says widening her eyes. "Oh. I told you! He makes it so obvious."I say smiling. "Yeah and..."she says in a low voice. "And? Do you like him too?"I ask. She nodded. "Omg then go out! You guys will look so cute! I mean it."I say giving her a tight hug. "But he's....fat." she says whispering. "So just as long as you like him?" I say.

The securitys blow the whistle and all the students line up to go inside. Trust me we wouldn't line up but we don't have any other choice. As we line up in the girl section Rebecca hugs my ex. ( Did I mention they're close so they call themselves brother & sister ? Um well now you know )
He smiles and waves. Oh gosh he knows I'm not over him so why does he have to be so darn cute and wave with that flirty smile? ( By the way Kevin was my ex in 6th grade but since he was my 2nd boyfriend I really didn't know what to do in a relationship since my first only lasted days. I would always get mad at Kevin and he eventually got tired of it and broke up with me for another girl named Crystal ; that beautiful girl that every girl has competition with in life.) I manage to half smile at him and felt my cheeks get red as soon as he gets closer for a hug. My heart starts speeding up and give him a awkward side hug. He chuckles and leaves to the boy section.

As were going in Rebecca tells me on how she noticed I got nervous and how I make it obvious that I still like him. Psssh I've told her so many times and now she tells me I make it obvious. But my day barely begun I still have more to go through today.

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