Made of Summer

Made of Summer

Hey there :) Thank you for reading this poem. I normally don't share my poems with the world, but I thought it was worth a try to win the poetry contest xD and somehow I won! :3

P.S after I posted this poem here on Quibblo I posted it on the website :) My username on that website is Planets in the Sky.

Chapter 1

Made of Summer

Flowers reign in this place of mine,
budding slowly with no thought of time.
Deep in my heart the summer wind flows,
healing my roots from Winters death-throes.
Made of light dipped in reds, oranges and blues
the skies in my head paint the clouds by twos.

Along my paths of chrystal-blue rivers
are the homes of men, both golds and silvers.
Fields of roses make up my mouth,
breathing petals up towards the South.
Rippling pools surrounded by glass
show my emotions through elegance and class.


Thank you all for your comments! <3 They were the good luck charm needed to win that contest.


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