When I think of summer, I think of the childhood days when my brother and I would make my mom haul out the sprinkler. We would have so much fun. Those moments under that sprinkler defined summer for me.

Chapter 1

Innocent Summer Days

Memorial Day,
Was like a signal to me,
A sign that summer,
Had begun.

Every year,
On this day,
I would beg my mom,
To bring out the sprinkler.

I would ask her before this day,
Even when the flowers remained unbudded,
And the ice droplets remained unfrozen.

When it was warm enough,
To my satisfaction,
My mother would relent.

She would take,
Me and my brother outside,
Our bathing suits clinging to our little bodies,
And water shoes swishing with each step.

She would turn on the sprinkler,
Refreshing water flooding out of it,
Shooting and spraying,
High into the air.

My brother and I,
Would test out the sprinkler,
Cautiously poking our feet,
One at a time into the water's full force.

One of us would take the initiative,
Running, unafraid,
Into the spray of water.

The other,
Not wanting to be upstaged,
Would surely and inevitably,

The water felt heavenly,
On our eager skin,
As soft and sweet,
As summer.

Instead of lashing,
At our retreating backs,
It settled,
Like a fine mist.

We could see the rainbow,
A sea of many colors,
Coming to rest,
Where the air met the ground.

My brother and I,
Would abandon our shoes,
Preferring the slippery unknown to the dreary security.

Exhausted from the seemingly endless fun,
Inundated with laughter and ear-to-ear smiles,
We would later flop down onto the ground,
Too weary to move a single muscle.

Walking by our house,
The neighbors would look at us and smile,
Remembering when their own children,
Would spend innocent summer days in the exact same way.

When I look back on these fond memories,
I feel nostalgic,
As I know that my innocent summer days,

Are long past me.

Feel free to look up these summer-inspired poems, too.

A Green Crab's Shell---Mark Doty
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