Sun-Drenched Summer

Sun-Drenched Summer

I was inspired to write this poem while sitting in my English class, waiting while everyone else finished their final exam. Bored, I began to think of summer. I then began to write this poem.

Chapter 1

What Is Summer?

Summer is,
That time of the year,
When my arms,
Grow brown and strong,
And my face,
Freckled in the sun.

Summer is,
That beautiful moment,
When I feel the wind,
Whisper through my hair,
And the warmth of the sun,
Radiate through my soul.

It is the time,
Of rebellious freedom,
Of dancing in the rain,
Feeling the grass,
Tickle my toes,
And the earth ooze,
Beneath them.

It is the time,
When all inhibitions,
Are lost,
Of fearlessly shedding,
My layers of doubt,
Showing the many facets,
Of myself,
To the illuminating light.

Summer is the time,
Of dwindling pleasure,
Of watching the days,
Once long and sweet,
Eventually turn,
To the brisk chill,
Of autumn.

At its end,
I watch,
As my arms turn pale,
And delicate,
When my eyes,
Become as accustomed to darkness,
As they are,
To the light.

Soon, though,
The leaves will unfurl,
From the trees,
Spring will morph,
Into the dog days,
Of summer.

Newly emerged,
From their hiding places,
With a new generation,
In tow,
Will stretch out,
Turning their expectant faces,
Towards the sun-drenched summer.

Summer will never,
Truly end.
Just like life.

Sticking to the summer theme, a poem I enjoy is Shakespeare's Sonnet #18. I think it is beautiful, and I highly recommend it.


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