heartbreak, heartbreak and love

heartbreak, heartbreak and love

So... This is two poems from a heartbreak I had and it has helped me to overcome it. Just so you guys know this is what's new...
I've feelings for a different guy now and that's what chapter three is about.

Chapter 1

Secretly Going Insane Inside

by: Rilee
Ignoring you was the best part
After we broke apart
Inside I was bleeding in the heart
My scar isn't just a scar
Every time I see you it's like you hit me with someone else's car
You saw her
The way you almost looked at me if I kept my mouth shut; but I didn't date
Wondering if you really cared
Thinking of all the secrets I want to share
As I'm now about to pull out all my hair
As in the wild and in a bear
Watch the show and grab a chair
I'm ready to kill the mayor
When everyone sits and stares
I'm secretly going unaware

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