A Heart Made Of Arkenstone [LOTR]

My first fan-fic ever! Normally I hate and despise it, but I cannot resist my favorite series ever. I'll do my best to keep the original characters the way they should be, and not go all fangirl on your arses. Without further ado, my story!

Chapter 3

I Must Leave

"I must leave." Gandalf said with utmost urgency.

My heart sank, "What will I do?" I asked him hastily,

"You cannot stay here, that's for certain. If Radagast came here to find me, and what we think is happening, is happening, they'll come for me. And you, too." He said, gathering his things.

"Me? But why me?" I hastily asked,

"Because your father is a powerful man. And you, though you may not know it, are his very powerful daughter. They'll seek out those who would protect Middle Earth." He said.

I brushed my hair off my face nervously and paced. This was all happening so fast... too fast, in fact. I felt completely lost. "But were are you going? Where will I go to?" I asked,

He looked at the sky as another eagle descended, "I must see to my friend, and then I go to see Elrond. You too, could go to him. If not, go to your father... and stay hidden!" He tipped his hat once and then climbed onto the magnificent bird, leaving me mouth agape.

I stood there wringing my hands and feeling more than a little confused and mentally exhausted, but I knew Gandalf was right. I probably couldn't stay here. But, could such danger exist in my lifetime? Middle Earth had a traumatic history, could we not end it and live a good life? I sighed and went inside hastily, I didn't have many friends and even fewer allies for times of war and trouble, but I always had places to say with the few I had. I hated to show up on anyone's doorstep unprecedented, but it seemed I had no choice, and it'd take me a long time to get back to my father's home.

I tried doing the math in my head of the last time anything this bad had happened. As far as I knew, it had been the third, when Gandalf had aided in destroying Sauron the evil. In the fourth era, he left by boat, and mysteriously returned in the sixth. This was the seventh. Three eras of general peace, going to waste now. I took a deep breath, and got my thoughts together. There were things I needed, and things I needed to get done. I went through the house, taking everything off the walls and furniture, and putting as much as possible in the hidden space under my bed. The door was small, and square, almost too small for me to fit comfortably, but was about 3 feet deep and 6 feet wide, perfect for storing my meager amount of things.

None of my actual furniture would fit, but my house looked empty enough that if I was gone, nobody would look to rob the place. I took most of the drawers out of things to add to the effect. All of this probably wasn't necessary, but in times like this it seemed smart to overcompensate. For a moment my mind went blank when I realized I didn't really know what to take with me; there wasn't room for trinkets or mementos.

I was completely unprepared for any of this. I thought of my father, and tried to imagine what he'd do.

He'd change into a beast and take charge of course.

...But as far as I knew, I couldn't do that.

I sighed and rubbed my temples, resolving it was probably best to just grab some food and go, at this rate i'd have to travel most of the night anyway. I put on my dark hooded cloak and looked outside. If I hurried I could beat the rain. I put some vegtables and bread in a bag and slung it over my shoulder and went outside to get my horse.

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