A Heart Made Of Arkenstone [LOTR]

My first fan-fic ever! Normally I hate and despise it, but I cannot resist my favorite series ever. I'll do my best to keep the original characters the way they should be, and not go all fangirl on your arses. Without further ado, my story!

Chapter 2

The Wizard in Brown

"Gandalf!" A voice half-shouted from the other side of my door. "Gandalf, please!" The quivering voice plead. I quickly went to open the door, Gandalf following with a confused expression. I grabbed the doorknob firmly and looked back at the old wizard, who gave an approving nod. I let out a brief exhale and yanked the door open causing the strange little figure to fall in on the rug. "Gandalf..?!", the little man whimpered.

"Oh my gosh." I whispered. Gandalf leaned down and plucked the tiny man up off the floor by his brown hood. He looked half dead, and badly beaten. I slowly shut my door and helped get him to the guest room where we propped his head and feet on pillows. Gandalf solemnly looked at him a moment. He looked awful but we both knew we could mend him.

"Aralyn,' I looked up, 'why don't you go put a pot of tea on." I nodded and went towards the door. "Aralyn?' I looked back at the troubled wizard in white, 'Make it good and strong please." I nodded and scurried to my kitchen, wondering what was going on. I grabbed my small iron kettle and proceeded to make the tea, not hearing even the faintest sound from the other side of the house.

I sat down on my kitchen stool and let my chin rest on my fists. How did he find my home? There's not another house for miles and miles. I sat perfectly still, wondering and worrying. After a moment I sighed and leaned back, looking at my ceiling. I wondered if it would be appropriate to go back to the room before the tea was done. My father prided himself on my abilities of survival, not manners. Before long, the teapot screamed loudly, "finally!" I said, practically throwing my arms up. Impatience had gotten the best of me. I quickly fixed up a tray and hustled to the bedroom, careful not to open the door to hastily. Gandalf sat with his head down, the brim or his hat covering his face. The wizard lay still and sleeping. I set the tray on the side table and took a seat opposite Gandalf.

"He'll be alright." He said,

"That's good." I replied,

"I'm not exactly sure what happened yet, but we'll figure it out soon." He said, taking a small vial from his pocket. "This will help stir him,' he said, pouring some into a cup of tea, 'and we'll begin to sort this out."

I watched in awe as the clear, sparkly liquid mixed itself into the tea. I held up the poor man's head while Gandalf poured it slowly down his throat. I lay him back down and watched in amazement as his eyes fluttered open and he gasped a breath of air.

"Now, now." Gandalf said, patting his shoulder.

He continued to gasp and pant, his eyes wide. "Gandalf, we're in grave danger!' He said, still frantic. 'It's worse than ever before, more evil than Nazgûl...worse than Nazgûl on Fellbeasts..." he started slurring his speech, and Gandalf looked in horror as he spoke.I knew it was serious, though I had no knowledge of what these things he spoke of were.

"What's a Nazgûl?" I asked, wringing my hands. No answer.

"What's a Fellbeast?" I persisted. He sat, staring forward. It was scaring me.

Gandalf's gaze snapped back to reality, "Radagast! Speak! Tell me what happened!" he shouted. He sat the man up, hoping it would help.

"They'll burn it all...', he said, 'Middle Earth will fall...and the dead shall rise again..."

Gandalf turned a sickly pale, so I quickly poured him some tea to calm him. His hands shook as he drank, with an expression of fear and anger. He looked at me sternly, "Aralyn, I need your help. Don't tell anyone what's happened, unless I say so. We have to hurry." I nodded in agreement. He stood up and rushed to the door, then outside, I stood where I was, not wanting to leave this poor soul. He came back inside puffing furiously on his pipe. "I have an eagle ready to take Radagast to my old friend, Elrond. He'll be able to heal him. Help me carry him."

We walked him to the door as if we carried a drunken friend. Outside, a glorious bird was perched in a tree. It flew down and plucked Radagast out of our arms effortlessly with one foot, and immediately turned and flew away. I looked at Gandalf, "Who was that man?"

"He is Radagast the Brown, an old and dear friend of mine.' He looked down, then back at the sky. Then ushered me towards the house. 'We must prepare to leave. I fear the worst." We stepped inside hastily.

"What's going on?" I asked him.

"They'll burn it all, and Middle Earth shall fall, The dead shall rise again. Spirits reborn, your heart be warned, for the Makers have cursed our lands." He recited.

"What does this mean?" I asked,

"It means, if it's true, the beings who made Middle Earth are angered for some reason, and the evil souls of those lost will come back to us to wipe this world clean of life." My jaw fell open.

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